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Reviews for Cardio Strength for Dogs & Cats, 30 Capsules (1016430)

Essential product for cats with HCM
Author: Suzanne
Location: Georgia
My cat has Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. I attribute her longevity -- three years now since diagnosis -- in part to this supplement. It is excellent and has the most important nutients for her heart. I supplement with a little bit more high quality CoQ10. All the vets are amazed at how well she is doing. Just open the capsule and mix it in with canned food.

Great Product, Great Price!!
Author: Patricia
Location: 28409
My cat was thought to have cardiomyopathy, but further testing revealed it has not yet progressed to that. The vet suggested this supplement and in-depth reading showed that taurine was often lacking in domestic feline diets and was a factor in heart disease. My vet charged me $26 for this same product so I was excited to find it here for half the price, since my cat will now be on this for the rest of her life. It's only been a couple months but i just mix it with her new protein-rich canned food diet and she gobbles it right up. Fingers crossed that future checkups reveal we started preventive care in time to keep heart disease at bay. Very happy to have found this online at such a great price. Also ordering was simple and shipping was fast.

I'm Impressed
Author: Maureen
Location: Alabama
My 15 yr old dog, Sage (shih tzu) was diagnosed with Mitral Cardiopathy December 2012, Grade 5 murmur - just out of the blue. She started having seizures in January 2013 and in 3/13 and 4/13, she was up to 5 per month. She is on 4 meds and then I found Cardio-Strength and the vet gave me the okay to add this to her meds. I've also just added a high quality CoQ10 via pump okayed by the vet. Just let me say that since I've been using Cardio-Strength and before I started using the the CoQ10, the month of May has brought only 1 seizure (Keeping fingers crossed) You be the judge - I won't stop using it, I'm sold.

I have to cut the capsule in half because of Sage's weight, I was concerned with the capsule content make up. It was like it was damp or something. I called Vetri-Science and they said they had other calls about it. I was assured that it doesn't affect the cardiovascular function of the capsule, it was something to do with the nutrient makeup.

Miracle product for cat
Author: Pip
Location: Toronto, Canada
14 months ago our cat developed serious congestive heart failure with a severe enlarged heart. After week in hospital we were told nothing could be done as he wasn't responding well to treatment. While he was in hospital I ordered this together with dandelion extract. We decided not euthanize, despite vet's recommendations and I started him on this straight away. 14 months later he is still going strong, acts like a kitten now and eats like a horse (he is 13 going on 14 yrs!). In recent check-ups vet noticed his heart muscles seem to be repairing themselves as well! The capsule is large so I open it up, roll the contents into 3 smaller balls and put in his mouth individually with some water from a syringe to make him swallow - also apparently best given in evening. I also give him about 4 drops of dandelion extract with water in a syringe every evening. Our vet is very impressed that he's still going!

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