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Reviews for Capstar for Cats and Dogs 2-25 lbs, 6 Tablets (Blue) (1010141)

A great way to fight fleas quickly!
Author: PFran
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
I became aware of this product while volunteering at a temporary shelter where over 500 dogs were seized in a cruelty (puppy mill) case. Every dog was suffering from fleas. The volunteer vets and vet techs administered Capstar when the dogs arrived and the next day -- no fleas! Now we use Capstar on our incoming foster dogs to help avoid flea infestation in our home as long as we control their environment. It works fast and we don't worry about our resident dogs constantly being exposed to chemicals.

Author: Debbie
Works great for my 2 cats and puppy!

Capstar works
Location: De Funiak Springs FL
We have 3 cats and live in the country. Our cats are never let out but some fleas come in on our feet. Capstar gets the fleas on the cats in only a few hours. Very pleased. To solve the problem the entire house has to be sprayed to kill the fleas. Looks like the plan is to give Capstar and spray house once a week for 3 weeks and the problem is solved.

Capstar: Awesome!
Author: C. J.Mawhee
Location: Mississippi
I was amazed how quickly Capstar worked on my cat and dog. It is awesome... we will be purchasing more products in the near future. The price is very reasonable. So glad we found

Fantastic product
Author: JJ
This is a great product to knock out fleas fast. We had a terrible flea problem this summer, and I used Capstar several times on both my dogs to give them immediate relief and give their regular flea control some assistance.

for cats & dogs
Author: Geri
Location: Los Angeles, CA
In California this has been a tough flea season, got this for both my dog & cat and Capstar has given them both some relief.. Can't wait for some cooler weather..

Great deflea product for my cat
Author: Cat lover
Location: Florida
This really makes the fleas jump off my cat! Doesn't seem to have any side effects either like the stuff you put on the neck. Quick ship and great price, will order again! Thanks

Great product
Author: jkj
This is a fantastic product; it kills fleas so fast. I only wish a pill lasted more than a day and that I could afford to use this instead of topical treatments!

Great product
Author: JKJ
This is a fantastic product; we've had a terrible flea problem this year, and Captstar has been a lifesaver to make the dogs more comfortable. I'd definitely recommend it if you're having an infestation. Vet Depot has a much better price on it than the vet or pet store.

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