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Canine Pregnancy Test Kit, 5 Tests

Canine Pregnancy Test Kit, 5 Tests (1013973)

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United States

Witness Relaxin Pregnancy test

  • Easy%20to%20use
  • Price%20is%20very%20economical
  • Quick%20results%20in%2010%20minutes
  • Must%20wait%2021-19%20days%20into%20gestation
Highly recommended and easy to use. This helps me manage my breeding plans and care for my animals better. I am using this for my Siberian Cattery and some of the cats have false pregnancies or fail to carry to term. This gives my vet and I more knowledge about which males and females are compatible. The test is easy to use as long as you have a centrifuge and a timer. In Europe this type of test is common for cat breeding. In the US is designed for canines. I find it very accurate for cats after 28 days gestation.

Annandale, VA

Works early on

  • Good price for a 5 pack.
  • I have no complaints about the price or the tests.
This is accurate after just a few weeks and I love that these tests don't need to be refrigerated. That makes managing things a lot easier.

Reviews 1-2 of 2

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