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Reviews for Canine Plus Vitamin/Minerals, 270 Tablets (1011349)

Good general supplement.
Author: Sara Guthrie
Location: Bremen, AL
We take vitamins so it makes sense that our pets should too. This is a good general multivitamin type supplement to prevent deficiency of minerals and such.

Good taste
Location: CT.
<p>My Goldens run to the cabinet where the Vitamins are kept and gobble them up! They obviously enjoy the taste, and I love the fact that I know they are good for them but I don't have to shove them down their throats.</p>

Great product- great price
Author: Marie
Location: Chicago
I have found that VetDepot is one of the best places to purchase this product on-line. The site is extremely user friendly and their delivery is extremely efficient. The product goes without saying - it's a great k-9 vitamin to support wellness.

Only problem was in delivery one of the 3 buckets was crushed and the vitamins spilled in the packaging and many broke.

Satisfied with product
Author: Sarah
Location: Indiana
I much prefer a multivitamin product that lists the actual amounts of each vitamin/mineral AND that doesn't require a crazy number of tablets for large dogs. This vitamin meets both of these criteria at a reasonable price. I have one dog who will eat them like treats and a picky eater who requires some peanut butter incentive, but both dogs take them without problem. I have noticed increased quality of their coats since using this product as a supplement to raw feeding.

Seeing is believing!
Author: L. Damon
Location: St. Anthony, Id
I wasn't sure if these vitamin/minerals will work on our dog, a friend offered a handful, about a week's supply, to give to 11-year-old Pit/Boxer mix. It didn't take long to convince us that each little vitamin is worth its weight in gold. Our old dog, Lady, weighs about 85 pounds. She is lumpy and stiff. After taking these vitamins for a week, she has improved tremendously in her ability to get around as well as her interest in her environment. We believe it is up to us to provide the best life we can for our best four-legged companion, and she shows her appreciation with a good ol' fashion lick on the hand. I highly recommend this product. We are now giving it to our two-year-old mix to help prepare him for his golden years as well as making sure he gets the best out of life right now.

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