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Reviews for Bladder Strength for Cats, 60 Chewable Tablets (1016426)

Miracle in a Bottle
Author: CT Consumer
I found this product for my 15 year old cat....and it has saved her from being put down. I frantically researched everywhere to find something, anything to help her stop wetting her bed when she was sleeping deeply. The bed wetting began 1x a week, but in a short time, it was out of control. Since she had no problem with using a litter box when she was awake, I knew it had to be bladder control issues. No one had written a review of this product for cats, so I read the dog reviews. One person stressed that it has to be taken a full month before one can judge it's effectiveness with authority. I use several other products from Vetri-Science , so I knew I was working with a fine company. My 15 year old has been on Bladder Strength for 21 days. She has made steady progress with the last 3 days being perfect. Day 9 on the pills was the worst day ever, I did nonstop laundry due to her accidents. However, thanks to the person who said to hang in and keep giving the pills for a month, I did not despair. I continued the pills. Observing my cat now , I almost shudder thinking how close we came to making that dreadful decision. It has not been a month, as is day 21 and I am very pleased indeed. Using Bladder Strength is crucial. Use it before you make any terrible decisions. Remember, give it at least 1 full month and do not despair if accidents happen early on.

Seems to work a little
Author: K. Brown
I asked the vet and he said this certainly couldn't hurt my Manx with a slight spinal defect. She leaks, especially while sleeping. I can't really tell if it works or not. She is still leaking but actually loves to eat the pills. She thinks they are treats and loves the taste, which is good because I don't have to pill her. I will continue to use this until the bottle is gone but I doubt I will buy more. It would probably work if she didn't have a spinal cord defect, so it is worth a try if your cat doesn't have Manx syndrome.

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