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Reviews for Atopica 50 mg, 15 Capsules (1010976)

a life saver
Author: M. Kavanaugh
Before Atopica, my westie's allergies would lead to so much licking, scratching, and discomfort. Secondary skin infections would occur as a result. We had skin testing done and gave her customized injections which were supposed to lead to desensitization, but even this "gold standard" of allergy treatment did not help much. Finally, we started Atopica and it is like a miracle drug! Our westie is so much more comfortable and her skin is much better. Atopica is expensive, and a 15 - pack of 50mg capsules cost about $75 at our veterinarian's office. Thank goodness I found Vet Depot, where I get the same package of Atopica for less than $45 - a HUGE savings. Thank you so much, Vet Depot!

Author: Rita
Location: Ca
13 year old Shiba Inu with major skin issues. Discovered a lot of Shibas are allergic to fowl. Tried everything Dr. could throw at us, and finally tried Atopica and in a few weeks we could see a big improvement. She still gets skin flares and seasonal skin issues and we quickly put her back on it. Great service at VetDepot and the best price anywhere.

Author: Vinny's Mom
Location: Rancho Cucamonga
We have had no problem with VetDepot, but have always had problems with our vet being quick to approve. We have switched vets and they were trying to only allow us to purchase prescriptions via their vendors. I told them how happy I am with Vet Depot and they approved right away and we are very happy. Helps my Boston Terrier with his allergies. The price is better than you would pay at your vet too!

Atopica 100 and 50 mg
Author: Spud's Mom
Location: california
My dog has Immune Mediated Hemolitic Anemia and has been taking Atopica for almost three months, beginning with 100 mg. and presently 50 mg. It has been used with other medications, and his red blood count has increased from a low of 16 to a current of 40 or more. He is due for another blood test soon. There haven't been any side effects so far, and he is in remission at this time. It is an expensive drug, and is the most reasonable price I've found, with good service and very helpful phone personnel.

Atopica 50
Author: Peggy
Location: United States
Our dog is on Atopica, taking 60 mg per day. We order from VetDepot because we trust them. That's what it's all about. Trust. Good product, good price, good people.

Atopica 50 mg
Author: Lizzie
Atopica has proven to work extremely well for my dog who is allergic to everything! Vet Depot has the best prices, best customer service, and fastest shipping.

Atopica 50 mg, 15 Capsules
Author: Bonnie
Location: Florida
Atopica seems to be the "go to" for my dog's severe allergies. His hair loss has gone from severe to moderate and his ears are much less inflamed. Thank you VetDepot for a less costly alternative to purchasing this product directly from our vet.

Atopica 50 mg, 15 Capsules
Author: Chris
Location: Atlanta
This product works well. During the heaviest part of the pollen season, he still scratches but not near as often as without. I keep my dog on this all year long, tapering off to every other day in winter and summer. Summer when there isn't much pollen.

Atopica 50 mg, 15 Capsules
Author: Gary
Location: Evergreen, colorado
Standard poodle 10 yr old. Has had allergies since a yearling.

Diet modification only small improvement. Atopica almost cures her. Worked well for years. Last year we stopped doses and after six months the allergic reaction reappeared with a vengeance. A few months ago we tried 100mg daily. Improvement started after a month and now we are back to 50 mg every other day. Holding steady. Good disposition and only mild eating lapses once a week.

Great product. Just know we need to be more careful with it's usage.

Atopica 50mg
Author: For my Shiba
Location: 90503
Great product, FANTASTIC price and delivery. I have used approximately for 5 years on chronic skin conditions on my Shiba Inu.

Atopica for dogs
Author: Jackie
Location: Tampa
This drug has been a lifesaver for my dog. She was suffering from allergies and even prednisone was not helping anymore. I started her at once a day and now she only takes it once every 4-5 days. She has not scratched once since she has been on it. Thank goodness!

Best product for big savings
Author: Mary
Location: Indiana
Savings was almost half of what my vet charged. Easy to order and fast delivery. No more itching and scratching by my little Cavachon. Thanks.

Fast shipment and great price
Author: Nick
I received the Atopica within a few days of

ordering. The processing time was very quick and the shipment

lightening fast. The price is also the best that I found.

Great for dogs who suffer from allergies
Author: Evelyn
Location: Wyckoff, NJ
My beagle who is now 3 years old has been suffering from allergies since he was about 8 months old. What started as minor scratching turned into severe biting and scratching and constantly licking his paws. It got to the point where his skin became scabby and patches of fur were falling out. I tried everything from natural supplements, to changing his food to an all natural and organic diet to steroids. The steroids helpled a little bit, but had bad side effects. About a year ago my vet recommended Atopica and it worked instantly. I started out with giving him 1 pill coated with peanut butter everyday to 1 pill every 2 days. This is a great product, just wish it was wasn't so expensive. My dog is no longer suffering from allergies and is not miserable anymore so it's worth it in the long run.

great product
Author: rflynn
Location: chattanooga, tn
My dog got hemolytic anemia and was very close to death (gave him basically zero chance of survival). The vet started him on this med along with blood transfusions and other meds. It's been a long, hard road but he is now like his old self. He's off all other meds now and is tapering down off the Atopica. It saved his life. Very thankful for this medication.

Happy customer
Author: Kat
Location: Canada
Very helpful and polite customer service. Returned my call promptly and answered all questions. Highly recommend this company.

Itchy skin relief!
Author: Michelle
Location: Atlanta
Our Cockapoo is prone to skin allergies and prior to starting this medicine would scratch allover constantly! He has been taking this for a couple of years now and it is a life saver!!! He no longer scratches and I'm convinced he's a much happier dog as a result. If your dog has skin allergiies, this is the medicine for you!

Keepingon keepingon...
Author: Gary
Location: Evergreen, Co.
50 mg every other day. $44/ month.

Can't beat that.

My poodle still loves us.

Atopica and Jiffy peanut butter.



Author: Westie mom in NY
Location: United States
Atopica is the only thing that has been consistent in keeping my Westie comfortable and free from skin infections. Without it, she scratches and licks all day. With it, she sleeps well and enjoys a much better quality of life.

Love this product and site!!!
Author: Val
I have a Soft coat wheaton with allergies. My vet had prescribed Atopica for her but after finding out their price I did not think I would be able to give it to her. So glad I found this site because it is now affordable and the medication has helped her itching and chewing her paws to get under control. I now order all of her medications from VetDepot. My order is always on time and accurate!!

Miracle Pill for Highly Allergic Westie
Author: Lu
Location: home
After several failed Vet visits, shots, other pills and shampoos, A vet at DAVIS put our allergy ridden Westie on Atopica. He now has a thick coat and his skin is finally under control. Don't run out though! We learned the hard way while waiting for the medications.

My dog has a life on Atopica
Author: Lynne
Location: CA
My beagle suffered from severe allergies for about 10 months out of the year. Tried multiple foods and lots of natural remedies nothing seemed to help at all. At the age of 2 years I tried Atopica, she needs to use it year round what a difference. No itching, ear infections or skin rashes. She is very happy now as I am with the prices and fast service at VetDepot!!

Only thing that helped my dogs allergies
Author: Lisa
My little daschund has had allergies forever. This is the first product - other than high does of pred. that has helped him. He has to take it right before or after he eats otherwise he develops diarrhea. Other than that I can't say enough!! Best anti-itch medicine I have come across - and I have tried a lot!!

Only thing that works
Author: SoCalJason
Location: Pasadena, CA
We tried everything else and this is the only this that has worked. Pricey, but worth it to not see our dog itch and scratch all the time

Price Can't Be Beat!
Author: Tiffany
Location: WA
Pricing for this effective medicine cannot be beat! The Vet of course charges much more for everything, this medicine being no exception! I am highly satisfied with!!

Price is a lot less than the vet.
Author: Lea
Location: Idaho
<p>Product was as expected. Price is a lot less than the vet. My dog has IMHA so this medication is very important, however it was put on back order and I had to scramble to find it locally, so make sure you give yourself a nice cushion for delivery</p>

Quick results
Author: M Murphy
This product is excellent and fast acting. Next day to two day results. We are going 50mg every other day, along with Benadryl on the off day. After month or so we will try to drop the Benadryl. Our Schnoodle is about a 20lb and developed the allergies at about 8-9 months. Maybe we can go to 2-3 times per week after a couple of months.

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