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Reviews for Atopica 25 mg, 15 Capsules (1010975)

Atopica Great Results !
Author: LuLu
Location: O'Fallon ,Mo.
We have been giving LuLu Atopjca for her itching ,and she has been a happier dog. We are giving her the pills in peanut butter every other day and she is feeling much better. She looks forward to her "treat" and will tell us if we forget by standing by the pantry door and barking. Atopica has been a life save since nothing else has worked for her.

Author: Tina
Location: MA
My experience with VetDepot has been wonderful! Great prices and great to do business with. My 10 year old ShihTzu has had allergies since I got her at 12 weeks. I have tried everything. At the suggestion of my vet, I put Sophie on Atopica 3 years ago. It may have helped some.....hard to tell.....was still licking and scratching a lot. I had her retested to see what she is allergic to and decided to put her back on allergy shots. They are helping. I think Atopica is a great product for most pets, but my little girl needed something more.

Atopica 25mg Capsules - Great Product
Author: Cindi
Location: VA
My Vet charges TWICE as much for what Vet Depot charges. Product has helped my dogs allergies and his skin and coat are fabulous because of it.

Vet Depot is has THE BEST customer service of any online pet care company out there.. They are organized follow up for my Vets prescriptions and are friendly and responsive to all my needs.

Wouldn't shop anywhere else.

Thanks Vet Depot!!

Atopica 25mg, Yellow, 15 Capsules
Author: Karen
Location: Fargo, North Dakota
Even though this product is supposed to be for dogs, my veterinarian recommended it to one of my cats that has severe skin allergies. The medication has helped her a lot, but it has not stopped her completely from scratching. But using Atopica is a better alternative than giving my cat steroids for a long period of time. She takes Atopica every other day. I have been told that most likely when we move to another part of the country, my cat's skin allergies will go away.

Atopica 25mg, Yellow, 15 Capsules
Author: William
The Atopica is working! My bulldogs hair is growing back!

Atopica for cats, too.
Author: CW
Location: AZ
The vet suggested trying Atopica once a day for a month, then go to every other day. It took 3 months to get to every other day, but his fur is growing back, and all the sores from biting himself are gone. And VetDepot has great prices.

Atopica off label use in cats
Author: DR
Location: LV, NV
My cat was devoid of hair on stomach, back legs, upper tail & inner front legs due to skin itching caused by allergies. My vet said let's give Atopica a try after my hesitance at using steroid shots to ease his suffering. Going on 6 mos., he is not so itchy, hair has grown back & we have Charlie down to a pill every 3rd day. So far, so good (3rd day regimen for about 1 mo. now). I tried homeopathic remedies, plus traditional steroid shots & nothing has worked as well as the Atopica. I know it's labeled for dogs, but I hope more vets see the value in use for cats under certain conditions.

Atopica, Relief for Sophie
Author: Lisa
Location: Orlando, Fl
My 7.5 year old Shih-Tzu, Sophie has been suffering (literally) from skin allergy symptoms since she was about 18 months old. I have researched and tried everything. The Atopica "manages" her condition, making it bearable for her. She takes 25mg every other day unless I'm getting ready to bathe her in which case I will give it to her every day for a few days leading up to her bath and then the following day as well. I try not to give her anything at all to eat except for the Salmon Natural Balance dog food. She currently has a skin infection with horrific sores, bright pink skin that's hot to the touch and extreme flaking. Orlando in the summer isn't the ideal environment for an animal with 5" legs and lots of hair so she hates going outside and especially on the grass. I have found that the Resicort shampoo and leave on conditioner is helpful and it's the only thing I'll bathe her with.

Atopica, So far-So good
Author: Ghofrani
Yes, Atopica is less expensive here at VetDepot than the Vet's office and it's the best price I have been able to find on the internet. My 5 year old Shi-Tzu has SUFFERED for many years after going through the standard food eliminations and years on steroids without much success. She developed sores all over her body after her skin would turn very dry and become very flaky. Apparently the sores were due to infection that typically develops over time due to allergic reactions. She takes 50mg a day now but we're almost through the first 3 months and getting ready to try half that dose every day. She still itches a bit and continues to lick her paws but not removing hair or chewing at her skin. I am suffering with allergy symptoms as well right now - it's May in Florida and many plants are in full bloom. I'm hoping that when the outdoor allergens go down so will her level of itchiness. My dog's case was extreme and it seems to be "in-check" at this point in time. Only time will tell just how effective the Atopica will be long term.

Awesome allergy relief
Author: Doxichillin
Have a dauchshund that is very allergy prone and Atopica works great for his allergy seasons,

I have him on twice a week and it maintains his allergies. I luv this and the only side affects are extra hair growth for him. Way better than predisone that has extremely adverse long term issues.

Cat stopped going bald
Author: Diana
Location: Nevada
Used for about 9 mos. now on adult cat, 25mg every other day. Charlie was going bald from overgrooming and had red, raw patches of skin. Allergies showed up about 2 yrs ago, manifesting signs in dry, itchy skin. Vet urged trial of Atopica (off label use in cats) in lieu of constant prednisone shots. So far it is working beautifully, hair is back & skin has healed. No other side effects, to date. I feel Atopica is less harmful to liver, kidneys, etc. than prednisone.

Finally! - A Treatment That Works for My Doxie!
Author: adam b
I am so glad that my vet and I decided to give Atopica a try. I have a two-year old female standard dachshund who has been afflicted with a skin condition since she was about 8 months old. To make a long story short, we first thought she had a food allergy as her skin's condition was symptomatic of one (red, bumpy, itchy skin; patches of thin hair/missing hair; black colored "armpits"; and a yeasty odor). After giving her a special diet (duck and potato) and sticking to it religiously for about a year, she still had no relief.

My vet and I then came to the conclusion that if her condition caused by a food allergy, it must be triggered by an external allergen (atopic dermatitis). Atopica is a drug to treat this skin disorder. In the past, I guess steroids would usually be prescribed, but they are not without SERIOUS side effects, so those were out of the question for me. Atopica is a bit pricey, but the price on is substantially cheaper than at my vet's office. So we decided to give it a try.

Let me just say that I could not be happier with Chloe's reaction! Her skin began to clear up within 2 days of starting the Atopica. Her chin, her "worst" area (reddest, bumpiest, apparently itchiest) began to calm down immediately and within a week, her coat began to look much, much better. We've now been on Atopica for about 4 weeks (2 more weeks to go of the full dose - a daily pill) and she looks almost 100% better. I am so thankful for this drug!

If your dog has a bad skin condition -- and you've ruled everything else out: parasites, food allergy, etc. -- you must try Atopica. Oh, and my dog, despite having a very sensitive tummy, did not have a bad reaction to Atopica. Not saying your dog won't, but my dog IS sensitive and she did not! Good luck and may your pup live dermatitis-free!

Good Stuff!
Author: Lisa
Location: Georgia
Unfortunately, two of my three Kitties suffer from hyperesthesia (one worse than the other), so when my vet introduced me to Atopica, I was so grateful. I hated the idea of possibly having to put them on steroids, whether short-term OR long-term, so I was very relieved and happy to learn that this medication was a good option for them. They've been on it, now, for about a year-and-a-half, and are doing great! They have no side-effects, and their symptoms are now minimal (my vet advised me that they probably wouldn't disappear completely). So, they are now very comfortable, happy, and enjoying life the way they deserve to be, and as a result, "Mommy," is very comfortable and happy, too! :-)

Great Product
Author: Cindy
This product is a lifesaver for my cat. She has severe allergies and after being on steroids for a long time, she was beginning to have serious side affects. We were making trips to the veterinarian about every other month. My vet suggested trying Atopica, even though it's not commercially recommended for cats. She takes it every other day and at certain times of year, every day. Her itching has drastically decreased. She doesn't lick until she bleeds anymore and quit pulling her fur out and she is steroid-free. The cat is comfortable and I'm not frustrated. Life is good! I received fast great service from VetDepot. Thank you!

It's coming along
Author: Al
It's almost been 2 months since my dog has been on Atopica and though there has been hair growth, she still has some issues. I'm hoping by the 3rd month it will clear up since it sounds like that is how long it takes. It seems like it all depends on each dog to see how fast this stuff works. Give it a try and see what happens.

My dog's allergies are sustainable with this product
Author: Yoshi's Momma
Location: Los Angeles, CA
My 6 year-old Shih Tzu uses Atopica to sustain his allergies. Without this product, he is always itching, scratching, and his skin was always pink. This product won't cure your dog of ALL allergies, but it definitely helps them maintain their allergies.

My only gripe is that these pills are expensive. Luckily VetDepot supplies Atopica for less than the other major online pet stores. Their customer service is great too; they are quick to send notice out to you if there is a problem with your order (this happens frequently with lag time hearing back from your vet regarding submitting prescription approval).

So far so good
Author: Al
Location: CA
I've just started my dog on Atopica because she's been dealing with allergies for the past 3 years. We haven't been able to find something that will help with her constant scratching and licking. I am halfway through the month and her hair is finally growing back on her legs. The scratching still happens but hopefully once the month is up we'll see even more improvement. She responded well to the steroid shot as a test so hopefully this stuff works out in the end.

sustained allergies w/this product
Author: Yoshi's momma
Location: California
My dog has been using Atopica for about 6 years now. It's like doggy allergy crack medicine. This stuff works when you are consistent with giving it to your dog every day. You can try to slowly wean them off of the product, but sadly they'll depend on it to sustain their comfort level.

You should know that while Atopica isn't going to completely cure your dog of allergies, it will allow them to be at a more comfortable level with less pinkness and suffering.

My vet jokes that my dog is the longest standing doggy citizen on this product. It hasn't had any negative side effects on him (and he does blood work every 6 months to check). This is also the reason why the product requires a vet's approval!

The product itself is expensive, a one month supply being about $50. But rest assured that VetDepot is one of online sites selling this product for the most competitive price out there.

These Folks are the Best!
Author: Lisa
Location: Georgia
I recently started using Vet Depot for all my Kitties' meds -- both prescription and OTC (including Atopica), and am SO happy to have found them! Not only are their prices SIGNIFICANTLY lower than my vet's (and probably those of every other vet in my area), but their accuracy and speed in processing and shipping my orders are also very impressive. And, of equal importance is the fact that their customer service agents are a pleasure to deal with, and you actually get one of their live voices anytime you call them (during business hours, of course). I plan to be a very regular and loyal customer of Vet Depot, for a long time to come.

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