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Reviews for Atopica 100 mg, 15 Capsules (1010977)

Allergy Cure
Author: snoopy
Location: Houston
A must have for allergy cure!

allergy must
Author: Allison
Location: houston tx
Good product shows results

allergy relief
Author: allison
Location: houston
a very good product, i recommend to all pet owners who have animals suffering from allergies.

Author: Snoops Mom
Location: tx
A must for any dog affected by allergies.
Author: William
My English bull dog has been on Atopica for 4 weeks and I can see some change in him for the good.

Author: Dave
Location: Frostburg,MD
Our english bulldog takes these, usually in the spring and fall for allergies.

They are a great product as we can see a big difference when she takes them.

Atopica 100 mg, 15 Capsules
Author: Dee Gardetto
Location: ct
I have a yellow lab that has extremely bad allergies, we have tried everything out there. Nothing was working. And then we tried Atopica and it's the only thing that worked. It relieved her of her allergy symptom. I highly recommend it. I have found that vetdepot has the best prices.

Atopica 100 mg, 15 Capsules
Author: Laurie
Location: Minneapolis
My Lab/Shepherd mix has had skin allergies for approximately 7 years. I have tried everything. With Atopica, she now has all of her coat back and is shiny and healthy looking. She still takes some Benedryl and Medrol but is at least more comfortable.

Atopica is better than the rest
Author: Jessica
Location: United States
I have a dog with allergies and have struggled for years to find something that truly works. Atopica may not be a dream come true, but so far it's the best medication. In the case of Atopica, the generic is just not as effective. We are going into month 2 so the test is whether she still does well taking it every other day. Because giving this medication daily to a dog who is just five will be VERY expensive, VetDepot has the best price I've seen so far.

Atopica works!
Author: Steve Schulz
Location: Minnesota
We started our black lab Zoe on Atopica a few months ago. We had tried steroids, allergy testing, special diets, etc., and nothing would stop her from frantically licking her feet until they bled.

That changed within days of starting her on Atopica. She has really responded and has stopped the excessive licking. It's a little spendy, but compared to what we had spent in the past for things that didn't work, it's a bargain.

Awesome product!
Author: Allison G.
Location: houston tx
I can see a big improvement on my dogs allergies!!

Best allergy product
Author: Allison
Location: Houston
I recommend this to all dog owners for there allergy needs!!!

Author: cools
Location: North Carolina
Addie has struggled with serious skin allergies for 5 years and this medication has been the only thing that keeps the skin infections away.

Good Allergy Solution
Author: Ali
My American Bulldog has been on Atopica for around six months and is all cleared up of allergy symptoms except for itching.

Author: Allie
Location: Atlanta, GA
My dog has been on these pills for awhile for her severe allergies. They make a huge difference. She doesn't scratch as much and her skin doesn't stay constantly red. Since the pills are so expensive to buy at the vet I decided to order from VetDepot and am very pleased with the customer service I received.

Helps with allergies
Author: Dave
Location: Meryland
This product helps with allergies (scratching, etc).

Mixed Results but Worth a Try
Author: Cali's Mom
Location: NW Florida
Our 5y (she was 3 at adoption) female rescue Golden is allergic to grass. It's gotten worse over 2 years. Major itching, especially chin & feet. Nothing provided relief except steroids and we don't want a young dog on Pred for life. We put her on Temaril P (which still contains 2 mg of Pred per pill) and even that lost effectiveness. The initial 30 days on Atopica at 100mg daily worked great. At every other day, she still needs Temaril P but only 2 per day. We tried Nizoral on the off days but she lost nose hair and was a bit lethargic. We're still playing with options and may add a 50 mg dose on the alternate days. She tolerates the Atopica well - no issues. She's been on it for 7 months.

ONLY choice for me!
Author: Jbarry
Location: Phoenix Arizona
I have been using Atopica for about a year now. The real proof is the before and after pictures. My dog scratched all of her fur away and ripped off her ear from scratching so much. With Atopica use, although she LOVES when we pet her, she no longer has any skin issues. The hair has all grown back. She is comfortable. She's our best friend!

Skin Allergies
Author: Unknown
Location: Colorado
Our Pitt mix has many skin allergies. We are finally able to wean her off of Prednisone after giving this medication three months to do its thing. It's worth the wait.

so far so good
Author: luvmybully
Location: S.C.
our beautiful bully developed allergies around 7 months old. it started with ear infections and then eventually skin infections. his naturally raised ears went down and never came back up and he started loosing his fur... we were clueless and had no idea what was going on. constant vet visits and tons of meds. the vets just pumped him up full of trial allergy pills, antibiotics, steroids & shots over for the next 10 months. i ran into another patient who mentioned atopica for her bully. her dog looked amazing! it took me 3 different vet visits to get them to agree to let us try atopica. we gave it to him everyday for 30 days, then once every other day and there has been an improvement in his skin & coat, weight and overall condition. but it turns out that he is allergic to most fillers in dog food (better now with the right diet) and has a huge grass allergy as well. but with atopica, i feel like there is hope for him. i do recommend it and say "at least try it".

This is a must have for my dog with S.A.
Author: Heather
Location: AZ
This product has helped my Akita who has S.A. He takes it once a day and with grooming seems to be keeping his fur. It took a long time to find the right treatment for my boy but with Atopica I have noticed a huge difference from when he was on it and when he is not taking it.

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