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Reviews for Artificial Tears Ophthalmic Solution, 15 mL (1010762)

Artificial Tears
Author: Tweety
Less expensive than at the vets, but the mail cost was more than the product. Looks like there's been a bit of price increase since last purchased. Worthwhile (I think) if getting more than one because mailing cost should be the same.

artificial tears
Author: betty reed
Location: ga
I have not tried these drops yet. I have ordered several times in the past and got what I needed. The drops I got this time are not what was pictured and what I am used to getting.

Artificial Tears Ophthalmic Solution
Author: Unknown
These artificial tears do the job. They are effective and inexpensive. I ordered 6 bottles.

Artificial Tears Ophthalmic Solution
Author: Betty R.
Location: Ga.
I have been looking for over a year to find this product. My dog is eighteen years old and had the dry eye problem for many years. This has been a great find for both of us!!! This is the same exact brand I was getting at the vet, so I know that it is safe for her. Service was also great.

Artificial Tears Ophthalmic Solution, 15 mL
Author: Jeff B.
My dog, Hampton has a dry eye and your product is really helpful to him. It is not oily like some of the prescription products - and he seems to respond to your drops better. Plus the price is really great. Thank you!

Before baths...
Author: Michelle Wallace
Location: Savage, Minn
I use this in my dog's eyes before bathtime and it makes him more comfortable and prevents the redness he used to get after.

Excellent Product.
Author: Christopher J.
Location: Baltimore City, MD
Last year, I rescued a cocker spaniel. By "rescue" I mean I found her wandering in the road, with no tags, covered in dirt and knotted fur. I've never owned a cocker, and was unprepared for all of the grooming needs. Her eyes get dry, red, and overproduce tears. These artificial tears help reduce the redness, dryness and overproduction of tears. She does not mind them at all. She lets me drop them directly onto her eyeballs, then we snuggle, face to face, to keep her eyes closed so the tears can soak in.

Great value and effective
Author: TJ
This product works very well, even for my chi's severe case of dry eyes. He stopped producing tears and prescription has gone up in price to nearly $80 a month. This product has been very effective and have been able to make prescription drops last over several months. These drops are a great bargain and I will continue to buy them.

What a great find!
Author: Su
Location: Ophir, OR
To find this product for a good price, fast delivery and that you actually stock it was wonderful. I've been using drops for one of my dogs for thirteen years and these help with her allergies, and help to keep her eyes moist. I searched and searched for Artificial Tears and found no one else stocked it.

wonderful product
Author: CO
Location: Kentucky
This product is very reasonable and gives my dog relief from her chronic dry eye problem. VetDepot is quick with shipping and very good to deal with. I highly recommend this product and VetDepot.

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