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Reviews for Artificial Tears Lubricant Eye Ointment, 1/8 oz (1011970)

Great product, great price!!!
Author: David
Great product, fast shipping and great price. I saved a lot from what I would have paid at my vet, and the quality of the product is awesome. My dog will require this ointment for the rest of his life and I plan to buy it with VetDepot.

Author: Vernon
Location: Casey County, KY
My wife and a group of locals formed a charity based spay and neuter clinic in our county. This was a very needed service, and it has become very popular among our citizens. Since I do the purchasing for the clinic, I search out good deals. This eye ointment is one of the best deals that I have found. Other brands that we have used cost 2 or 3 times more. This product is a "value purchase" in terms of price, quality, and doing what it supposed to do. VetDepot provides great service!!!!!

Artificial Tears Lubricant Eye Ointment
Author: Mary
Quality product at a very reasonable price!

Artificial Tears Lubricant Eye Ointment
Author: Arthur
Location: Clewiston, FL
Artificial Tears Ointment, was recommended when I purchased I-Drops. I use ointments as part of a regimen for my puppy's eye care. I thought I would "take a chance" on this brand as a matter of convince. I'm glad I did, not only was the quality superior to other brands, the price is a fraction of the competitors, a savings of over $10.00 to what I was paying at a major chain pet store.

Best Buy
Author: Peggy
Location: minnesota
I have searched many retail sites and retail stores and this is the best price I can find for this product.

easy and effective
Author: ChrisH
Location: sna diego
great product and value, use daily on our spaniel whose tear ducts dont work

Easy to use
Author: Diane
Location: CO
We have one dog that suffers from dry eye in one of his eyes. Although I don't have problems using drops in his eye, my husband struggles to "hit the target" with the drops. This product makes it much easier to treat Freddie's eye.

Finally Found it!!
Author: Maggie123
Location: Illinois
My Dog has dry eye syndrome, so we have to give him this ointment twice a day. You can only find it locally in drops, so we are so happy that you all have it!! It is a great product and works great!!

It is also a great price here. In the past I have had to pay over $15 for one tube.

Good product.
Author: Heacham
Location: FL
As an owner who suffers from dry eyes I did think to check the ingredients of this ointment. I couldn't get over for similar ingredients to a human product the pricing was way lower. My dog's eye are now clearer and vibrant. Will continue to buy this brand.

Great Price and Quality
Author: Steve
Location: Michigan
I have looked all over for another source as my vet charges me almost $10 a tube. This is the third time I ordered and the product is perfect.

Great product and price
Author: george grover
Location: palmbay fla
<p>Our dog has severe dry eye and is on several meds. The artificial tears really seems to relieve her squinting and continuous blinking . When she starts rubbing her eyes the artificial tears seem to relieve this almost immediately. Great product and price.

We thank you and our dog thanks you</p>

Great Savings through Vet Depot!
Author: Katie
Location: Washington State
This medication works perfectly for my dog who has dry eyes. It is gentle and effective. The % of mineral oil and petrolatum was less than the brand I normally buy. However, it is working just as good and I am paying $3.27 instead of $13.00! The tube makes it easier to get in my dogs eye because it is a bit thicker than other ointments with a bigger nozzle so it comes out more controlled. I highly suggest this product and am saving a ton of money through Vet Depot for all my pet products.

More economical than buying thru local vet!!
Author: MaggieMae
Location: PacNW
My eldest dog suffers from dry eye and needs the artificial tears multiple times a day. This ointment costs us ~$15 thru our local vet. Finding it online at a very reasonable price is a definite plus! Also, we had a small issue with our order and Customer Service was prompt and courteous.

Saving me hundreds at the vet.
Author: Micki
Location: South Fort Myers, FL
I keep my Shih Tzu's eye area clean and trimmed, remove any goo throughout the day and use this morning and evening. It's a lifesaver.

So much better than drops
Author: fillyok
I use this eye ointment on my own pets as well as my fosters. Putting drops in eyes has always been a pain for me. This ointment is so much easier to use and the dogs don't seem to mind it as much as the drops (which usually ended up running down their snouts).

Right now I have 9 chow/mixes at my house!! You can imagine my vet and food bills, so any chance I get to save some money is great!! I love VetDepot for their prices, product availability and communication. I wished I'd found them a long time ago.

This product helped resolve my Shih Tzu's chronic eye problems.
Author: Mickisuzanne
Location: Fort Myers, Florida
I was about to give up and take her to a specialist. $$$!!! This was cheap and effective. Keep the fur around their eyes clipped, keep the eyes scrupulously clean (I use Bausch & Lomb Advanced Eye Relief on cotton balls) and use this product to keep them moist.

Top Quality Lower Price
Author: Penny
Location: Texas
I see no difference between this product and higher priced eye ointments. It has the same ingredients and I like the consistency better. It stays in and doesn't leak all over the tube and out of the eyes before it coats.

Top Value and Application
Author: Rescue
Location: snootyville, CT
I bought this strictly for the price point, as there are other similar, but more expensive products like it. However, I was happy to find that the applicator end made it even easier and more effective to use which helps my dog's chronic eye condition.

Very Pleased
Author: EBoyd
Location: NC
I have a cat that was born with eyes too small (sounds weird right?!) but his eyes do not flush normally, so this product really helped keep his eyes from getting caked with dried tear material. The only other product I found was an antibiotic, and this is not an infection, so I was very happy to find a product that would not irritate his sensitive eyes.

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