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Reviews for Amlodipine Besylate 2.5 mg, 90 Tablets (1018372)

Amlodipine Besylate 2.5 mg, 90 Tablets
Author: Melissa
Location: California
Great price! I was getting only 7 tablets for well over 10 times this much. So this is a huge help. Great place to buy from. Good communication and fast shipping.

Amlodipine Besylate 2.5 mg, 90 Tablets
Author: Marion
Location: Boise ID
Vet Depot ... you are awesome. I can order these online, save a bunch of money and have them delivered in a very timely manner to my door. I have to drive 30+ miles to get them from my local vet and even though I get a discount , my cat, Sir Winston's medical needs are quite costly. I thank you and Sir Winston thanks you.

God bless... Marion

Amlodipine Besylate 2.5 mg, 90 Tablets
Author: Tim
Location: Illinois
I am able to save quite a bit of money. I always get a very prompt return phone call and shipping time is very fast.

Helps our cat's high blood pressure
Author: Wendy
Location: TN
As it is exactly what a human uses for the same problem (dosage is smaller for a cat), it works as it should for that problem.

thanks for your help!!!!!!! much better price.
Author: Dan
Location: Raleigh, NC,
My Shih-tzu is almost 15 yrs old with eye issues and high blood pressure so Doc gave me a prescription for this med. I can not see any side affects and seems to work well. Thanks for a much better price!

VetDepot is the Best!
Author: Les S.
Location: Southlake, Texas
This was the first time we ever used VetDepot for our dogs' needs. Given our initial experience with VetDepot, we will now use you as often as we can. Your prices and service could not be better! Thank you!

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