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Reviews for Carprofen 75 mg, 180 Caplets (1018154)

Author: Gregg
Location: Ohio
Seems to work at least as well as Rimadyl, & is certainly cheaper.

Carprofen 75 mg
Author: Mark
Exactly the same, but less than half the cost from the Vet.

Carprofen 75 mg, 180 Caplets
Author: Candace
Location: chicago
I have a Golden who is almost 14 yrs old and has over the years developed hip and back leg problems. He had been on a steroid drug and I was told he couldn't really get a pain drug on top of it so they changed the steroid drug to one that didn't have it in it and I was able to give him this. It certainly seems to help him, he has a more lively step and goes for walks!

Carprofen 75 mg, 180 Caplets
Author: Holly
Location: Phoenix, AZ
I am thankful that there is a cheaper alternative for this medication. My vet charges me almost $2/pill! I would have given it 5 stars; however, the price of this medication recently increased over $4. My 10 year old Border Collie/Lab Mix will most likely be on this the rest of her life twice daily. My last order of this was $93.97 without any discounts (it was free shipping due to the price). It is disappointing to see such an drastic increase.

Carprofen 75 mg, 180 Caplets
Author: Jamie
Received as expected and within the week.

Glad I found you!!
Author: Unknown
Location: Chicago
This seems to have helped my elder golden very much. And our dog is on quite a few meds unfortunately but with the responsive customer pricing, great delivery service I don't worry as much about covering all the expenses for the meds. Definitely would recommend product and website.

Great company, product and price!
Author: Eileen
Location: Oxford, OH
I'm very happy with several purchases I've made from Vet Depot. This product works just as well for my 11 year old arthritic Labrador Retriever as the more expensive products that I get from my vet. The price really makes a difference for long term care, and if he gets his Carprofen in the evening, my older dog can still jump into the back seat of the car to go for his walk the next morning. It really makes a difference in quality of life for both of us. The company delivers good quality products and the order was filled promptly. Thanks Vet depot!

Great price, hopefully a teat product
Author: Toma
Location: New Hampshire
I have a 12 year old court take-a-way Min Pin that was in a cage for the first 5 years of his life, I adopted him 7 years ago, and he had a difficult time getting around, but over time, proper diet, and exercise his movements improved dramatically. But, good things always come to an end, his health has detearated, and the arthritis has returned. My vet prescribed Carprofen 75, a half tablet once a day, and the cost was going to be $27.50 a month for the medicine. I went on line and found Vet Depot, and the fantastic price for the Carprofen 75, 180 tablets at only just under $94.00, that's a savings of over $235.00 a year, best price anywhere on line.

Just as Good as Rimadyl
Author: Richard
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Our Doberman has bone cancer and has been placed on a long term regiment of anti-inflammatory. Prescribed Rimadyl by the vet, we did some research and found Carprofen. After the first few weeks, we noticed a significant improvement in his mobility. After several months, he is moving pain free and is as active as we could hope for considering the spreading of his cancer. We will miss him when he's gone, but thanks to Carprofen, he lived in much less pain. The cost Carprofen is half of Rimadyl when purchased from the Vet's office. VetDepot makes it easy to refill his prescription and it is delivered to my home. I highly recommend Carprofen in lieu of Rimadyl, when prescribed for long term use...

Keeps Our Old Dog Kicking up his Heels!
Author: Colene McKee
We have been using Carprofen for almost 8 years. Our large dog had ACL surgeries in both rear legs and has needed pain relief since he was very young. This drug seems to work great with no side effects. VetDepot provides a very reliable and on-time delivery service.

Thank you!!!
Author: Holly S
A cheaper alternative and works the same. What a saver!

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