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Reviews for Carprofen 100 mg, 60 Caplets (1018155)

Author: Andrew
Location: San Diego
Shopped around for carprofen for my dog. Found it at Great price. Has made a huge difference for my dog. He is 9 years old. It has enabled him to run around like much younger dog again.

1st time experience
Author: Alan
Location: Denison, Texas
I was searching for a long term alternative for a pain medication prescribed by our vet. Not only did Vetdepot provide the lowest price I could find, but I was impressed with their fast response contacting our vet for the prescription and following up with a personal telephone call to me to verify information received. Shipping was prompt. I will purchase again and recommend this web site based on the professional handling of my initial order.

Back to basics!!
Author: Terry
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
I am a firm believer in generic drugs. I have 2 Great Danes, my boy Bodhi weighing in at 150lbs and is very healthy and then my very special girl Teagan weighing in at 170lbs and who is very problematic. Teagan is special because she started out as a puppy with Salmonella Poisoning and HOD which is a juvenal bone disorder that can cripple your dog if not treated in its early stages. Then at the age of 2 years we move on to Epilepsy than finally massive bone arthritis which is in both knees of her back legs. We always called her our $10,000 dollar Dane who by the way is only 4 years old. At this present time Teagan is on Carprofen and Phenobarbital and has been on many costly drugs for all her ailments. I'm very lucky that I have a veterinarian that can understand how costly it can be to raise Great Danes. Right now the biggest cost is her arthritis meds, she has been on and we have tried to afford to maintain the cost of one or more of these drugs for the past 3 years at different times and stages of her development, Deramaxx, Metacam, Rimadyl, and Novox all at 100mg each 1 1/2 twice a day. Well finally, hundreds of dollars later, we have found the answer to the $10,000 dollar question all because of the great people at VetDepot and their informative website. I FOUND CARPROFEN!!!!!! I called my Vet and said write me a script, of course I got all the warnings from my Vet and rightfully so,"this could make her very sick, not work, and cause her to have great setbacks." I believe in generic meds wholeheartedly, I figured the new and improved drugs that claim they work better had to get their start somewhere. Right??? Carprofen was the answer for me and my girl. She has only had soft stools as a minimal side effect so far, I am keeping my fingers crossed as the medicine will undoubtedly will be increased as time prevails. She already was on an all organic dry food with us adding either meat, cheese and eggs to her meals and believe it or not, a small amount of vanilla ice cream as a bedtime snack for a high protein and great calcium diet. Now keep in mind not all Danes can handle this diet, this was done with a lot of research and great trial and error to find her balance. We have been to many specialist and tried many different medications to help Teagan live a comfortable life. I Thank you VetDepot for helping me make the right choice in arthritic medicine for my girl Teagan.

Carprofen 100 mg, 60 Caplets
Author: Sharon H
Location: Georgia
<p>My 6 yr. old Rottweiler suffers with arthritis and hip dysplasia. I have used medication listed as Vetprofen from my veterinarian and other online sites in the past to treat his pain with good results. When his last supply of Vetprofen was getting low, I decided to try VetDepot as they offered the lowest price with the carprofen alternative. They quickly contacted my veterinarian and shipped the medication with fast delivery. My dog is doing as well, if not better on this medication! No noted side effects. He is "young" again with minimal if any discomfort now noted. Have now added VetDepot to my "favorites" list for quick access on future orders for medications for my pets!</p>

Carprofen 100mg
Author: Todd
Location: Charlotte nc
This was the first time I ordered a product from this company and I was very pleased with the ease of the process. They stayed in contact with my vet to get the script as quickly and as soon as possible. They got it and they sent the medication. So far I would recommend this company.

Five Woof Rating
Author: Gypsy's Dad
Location: Hemet, CA
My 15 year old, 75 pound German Shepherd mix would not still be walking without this medication and probably would not still be alive.

Initial Experience
Author: Laura
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
I had difficulty with the order the vet wrote and what VetDepot needed. Their customer representatives both emailed and called me, guiding me so that my precious Golden got the meds she needed. I really appreciated the customer service, and of course, the price!

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