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Reviews for ZuPreem Avian Breeder FruitBlend Food for Parrots & Conures, 40 lb (1072370)

Birds like it
Author: Don lepitre
<p>Birds. Like. It</p>

Great quality food
Author: Abilone
Location: Maryland
This is an excellent quality food for a good price. Unfortunately, not all of my birds took to it right away. I'm not sure if it was the taste or what.

Love this stuff!
Author: Mulberry Bank
Location: Detroit
We have a Grey and a Sun Conure. Both happily chow-down and have a beautiful sheen. I get the Breeders FruitBlend because I want the extra protein, fat, and calcium. I believe this is the best food I can provide for them.

We also have 4 hens and 6 geese who enjoy a handful. Wish it was cheaper but I do not want them to cheapen the chow. It is perfect!

Zupreem Food is the best
Author: Bird Lady
I have 14 parrots large to medium sizes. 6 Macaws. I work with local vets and people "dump" birds on me all the time. I don't mind I "fix" them up deal with behavioral problems and find them forever homes. But the 14 are all "damaged beyond repair" from mistreatment of previous humans. So, they stay on my property. ALL parrots I have seen over the many years have come to me with bad eating habits. Not a one is ever on pellet food. So if you are trying to switch over to Zupreem and your birdy buddy refuses to eat...this is called tough love. Put it in their bowl and leave it. They dump it, refill it but do not replace it. They will eat. The longest hold out I ever had was 5 days and I think she actually nibbled when I wasn't watching! Now she is my biggest baby and will eat every color except purple. But that works out since her cage mate loves purple. Wish at least shipping was free with the amount I order one would think it I would occassionally get a free shipping coupon. That is my only complaint.

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