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Reviews for Amitriptyline 10mg, 100 Tablets (1010263)

Author: Puck
Location: Tampa, FL
I have a nervous nelly who needs this to not act like a crazy. The price here is good and shipping is very quick.

I have a multiple cat household and this saves some sanity and money!
Author: Gai
I have one cat that is more aggressive and this helps tone that down. I have one cat who seems to suffer from chronic cystitis and has had urinary blockage three times. As long as I'm consistent about giving it, he stays healthy. Price is excellent and so glad my vet approves.

Super price and good product
Author: G. Haman
Location: Lima, OH
I have a multi-cat household (12)!! Chronic cystitis is controlled if I am consistent with medication. Also helps an aggressive cat and a peeing outside the box cat. When you have that many on it, you really need to find a good price and this is where I found it.

Thank you VetDepot!
Author: Alex Koshel
Location: St. Cloud, MN
Finally, some peace. No more yowling, packing, peeing on my blankets every time she gets upset for 1 of 100 different reasons. My kitty is so much better since we started this! Night and day!

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