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Reviews for AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit (1016420)

A must for Professional Pet Sitters!
Author: MissBetty
Location: Hamilton, New Jersey
As owner of my own cat-sitting business with over 250 furry feline clients and mother to a 13-year old diabetic kitty myself, the AlphaTRAK Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit is a life-saver... literally! When I was faced with having to pay for glucose curves every 2 months at $150/test, plus watching the level of fear that my kitty went through each time I dropped him off at the vet, I decided to purchase the glucose monitoring system for myself. Since I also care for several diabetic kitties through my business, having this tool has saved me and my clients a lot of time and money. My vet uses the same monitoring system and happily showed me how to perform my own blood draw, allowing me to perform my own glucose curve on my diabetic kitty. Since I have learned how to do this I am able to draw blood for my client's kitties as well if needed. The system is compact, offers a quick set up, is easy to use because it requires a very small amount of blood and provided everything I needed to get started immediately. The price is one of the lowest out there - believe me... I checked! Even my vet said that they will start to order their kits through Vetdepot. I love this product and I love this site. Thank you!

Location: CENTRAL FL

AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit
Author: Lady J
Location: Walnut
This product has made my monitoring of my dog's glucose levels quick and easy. Vet Depot sells it at the best price I have found and they shipped it FREE! I have saved so much money and time by learning to do this on my own, rather than constantly making expensive trips to the vet. I would recommend this product to anyone with a diabetic pet.

AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit
Author: Cynthia
Location: Colorado
The AlphaTRAK 2 meter is east to use, and it takes the smallest amount of blood to get a fast, accurate reading.

AlphaTRAK blood glucose monitoring kit
Author: Lois Johnson
Location: Henderson, Nevada
I ordered the AlphaTRAK blood glucose monitoring kit by finding VetDepot on the Internet, placing the order, then faxing the prescription from my vet. I was quite pleased with the fast service and the kit arrived within several days of ordering. The kit is easy to use and I have been monitoring my elderly cat's glucose twice a day with it. It is very important to read the instructions and make sure you set the monitor for the type of pet you have. This product deserves the top rating and I would recommend the product to anyone who needs to monitor their pet's glucose. It pays for itself quickly due to not having to go to the vet to get the blood sugar tested, plus you can manage the insulin dosage based on the test results. The price was very reasonable.

AlphaTrak is canine blood sample simplicity
Author: Ray
Location: Central PA
The meter is calibrated for canines, so it provides a more accurate reading than my "people meter". (Canine glucose is in the plasma rather than the hemoglobin.) It uses a very small drop of blood and provides a very quick read. I am very satisfied with the performance and it has helped me keep an accurate track of the glucose level, permitting my Vet to adjust the dog's insulin accordingly. I had to take the sample from the jowls. The other recommended sites, ear vein, elbow, and gums did not provide me with samples on one piercing. The kit was expensive compared to a people meter but it is worth it knowing I am trying to provide the best care for my best canine friend.

Difficult and Complex
Author: Mike T
Location: texas
The unit is very difficult to set up. I got lost just trying to set the time. The options are confusing and there are way too many. The DVD instructions run way too fast and are confusing, complex and definitely not user-friendly. After spending an hour with the 40 page, yes forty-page user guide, I gave up and returned the unit to my vet. I do not recommend this for the average person.

Easy To Use
Author: DM
Location: Illiois
Came with great detailed instructions. Easy to use and requires a small blood sample. Full kit was a good value.

Excellent Product
Author: Mountain Girl
My cat is diabetic. Rather than spend hundreds of dollars each time we needed to check her glucose we decided to purchase this monitor. Just using this monitor several times paid for itself. This specific monitor was recommended by our vet. The monitor is very simple to use and requires so little blood. I would certainly recommend this to anyone wanting to do home testing.

Excellent Product
Author: itsme
Location: North Carolina
Works as Described. No prescription needed when ordered at Amazon for a lot less $$, today 10/7/14 its available for $76 and free shipping.

Excellent Product - A must for your Diabetic Pet.
Author: Christine
I highly recommend this to people with diabetic pets. It was not until I got this product in my own home that I was able to find the correct dose of insulin to maintain my Pug's diabetes. Going back and forth to the vet was not only costly, ($$) but was not correctly identifying her BS levels. Now that I have it here at home, we have her on a good maintenance dose, and I only have to test her a couple times a week to make sure everything's going okay. But also having it here makes it nice if I am worried that her BS is up or down for some reason. No more guess work, which is much better for you and especially for your pet. Its easy to use, however I caution you in the beginning you may be frustrated at finding the best testing spot. I was a nervous wreck, until I mastered testing her at the base of the tail. I suggest warming the area first (apprx 90 sec) I use a heating pad, then pinch up the skin and stick. I use a straight needle which I get from my vet, as I did not have much luck with the lancets. The tail seems to be the least painful for her (she does not seem to even feel it.. honestly!) and once warmed you get a good flow of blood there. Be patient with yourself at first. But I definitely feel this product in home is a MUST for proper control of your diabetic pet. Good Luck.

Great System
Author: Chris I.
Location: Pensacola Beach, Florida
This has everything you need (except insulin) to track and treat your pet for diabetes. The video was helpful in getting started. The hardest part was learning how to extract enough blood with the lancet to enable the meter to measure blood glucose. My vet showed me an alternative way to lance the inside of the ear and not be afraid to press my finger on the back side of the ear against the head of the lancet. She also instructed me to use the longest setting on the cap. It was very helpful to massage the ear to warm it up and get the blood flowing before pricking. I "wasted" several test strips before getting the hang of it. This was a necessary process to go through to be able to determine the proper amount of blood for a successful test. In order to conserve test strips, I wait to turn the meter on until I know I have an adequate blood sample. For whatever reason, I was unable to load the lancet using the instructions in the box and video. The lancet provided looked a little different from the instructions. I manually place the needle in the lancet and press down on the plastic ridge in the middle until I hear an audible "click". Learning how to use the system seems overwhelming at first, but it's worthwhile especially when you see your pet responding to treatment.

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