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Reviews for Allerderm EFA-Z Plus for Dogs and Cats, 8 oz (1010543)

Allergy 101
Author: Darcy
Location: Arizona
It's a great product to start with when you are dealing with animals with itchy skin. It's easy to forget that some of the basic things we do for ourselves work just as good for animals (like taking omegas).

Good oil
Author: Yorkie Mom
Location: Boca Raton, FL
Still in the trying stage. Will keep you posted.

Great Dietary Supplement; Visible Results
Author: Tom
Location: Arizona
Our Chihuahua developed itchy, discolored skin, and a thick waxy buildup in her ears when she was about six years old, possibly due to our very dry climate. Our vet prescribed this product. When it seemed to be working, we ran out and were very happy to find it at Vet Depot (for much less, too!). Part way through the second bottle, the problems disappeared. We've continued adding a few drops each day to her canned food to prevent recurrence, and after a year there has been none. Highly recommended!

Great Product
Author: Terry
I first tried this for a rescue with allergies, bad itchy skin, and hair loss. It restored her coat. I also like to use it particularly in the winter for my dogs; it relieves dry their skin. I just add it to their food. It's a great product, easy to use and it works.

Author: Kristen
Location: Illinois
My dog's vet recommended this food additive a while back when he was losing some fur around his neck. I've used it ever since with him and he has a very healthy, shiny coat. VetDepot delivered very fast and it was easy to place the order! I will continue to use this product for my dog!

Helps maintain a beautiful, shiny coat.
Author: D. Rex
Location: West Virginia
My Border Collie mix had problems with itchy skin. My vet recommended this product in a capsule to be opened and put on food. The pump dispenser bottle is a lot more product for less money, especially when purchased from VetDepot. We still have some itching and scratching, but my dog's coat is gorgeous.

Works very well
Author: Tom
Location: Hereford, AZ
<p>Highly recommended--originally prescribed by our Chihuahua's vet, this was purchased as a refill because it all but eliminated her scratching. Her skin has reverted from dark to the light brown that matches her fur, too. We now add a few drops to her food as a daily supplement.</p>

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