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Reviews for Allerderm EFA-Caps, 60 Capsules (1011356)

Allerderm EFA-Caps, 60 Capsules
Author: Sara
My dog apparently has allergies - I guess we're even since I'm allergic to him! This product helps keep his skin from drying out and his coat shiny. He'll eat them right out of my hand.

Allerderm EFA-Caps, 60 Capsules
Author: Karen
Location: Charlotte
My German Shepherd had dry skin & coat and was developing bald patches from scratching. The effects of an oatmeal bath would last a few days before the itchiness was back. Within a couple of weeks on EFA-caps, her coat was softer and she stopped scratching. The hair grew back and she has been doing well for some time.

Happy dog!
Author: Noah
Location: San Diego
Was recommended by my vet to help control Mr. Milo's itching (mini-Labradoodle, now 7- years old). Have been using it for years and have a happy (non-scratching dog)!!! I prick a hole in the capsule with tip of knife and squeeeze it onto his breakfast every morning. One of our daily "happy" rituals.

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