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Reviews for Advantage Multi for Dogs 20-55 lbs, 12 Pack (Red) (1016256)

Advantage multi
Author: Nicki
Location: Buffalo,NY
Love this medicine because it is two in one and therefore cheaper. I have two dogs and have used this for five years and no fleas.

Advantage Multi For Dogs and Puppies 20-55lbs, Red, 12 Pack
Author: Corgis Rock
Location: Huntsville, AL
This product works great! I put the drops on once a month and don't have to worry about fleas or heartworms.

Convenient and I like it but...
Author: Just Joan
Location: Illinois
This product is very convenient, combining heart worm prevention with other worms and fleas. It's easier than giving the heartworm chew, then treating topically for the rest. However, it is missing something... ticks. In addition to the hearworm chew, the product I used previously was flea and tick. When they can add prevention of ticks to the heartworm, fleas and other worms, I will add that fifth star. Still a good product. I'm confident using it on my dog. Check your dog for ticks!

Great - But Still No Tick Prevention
Author: Just Joan
Location: NE Illinois
I reviewed this product one year ago, citing the only flaw is that it does not include prevention of ticks. That is still the case, so no fifth star today. However, I am generally satisfied and continue to use it on my dog.

Great Stuff
Author: Eskie Mama
Location: Rochester, NY
We love this product - I have 2 American Eskimo Dogs and it is easy to apply and great that it does both flea/tick and heartworm - so I don't have to buy 2 different products and have to remember two things to do instead of just once a month - dual duty!

Author: Lucky
Location: GA
I have used this on my lab mix when he was a puppy and now that he is an adult. It has worked great. And I like that it is an all in one rather than needing to give him two different meds each month.

Two products in one
Author: Mace
Location: FL
I do appreciate the convenience and the price of this product. Applying the liquid makes me feel a little uneasy each month because I have two dogs and I have to separate them for 30mins and make sure they don't try to lick the medication off. But through all it is two products in one and much cheaper, and of course still no fleas have been seen.

Very Effective, Simple to Use.
Author: Gerry
Location: Mississippi
<p>We've been using Advantage Multi for both of our dogs for 8 years now. It works great - never let us down. It could not be easier to apply, just squeeze a few spots along their backs from neck to base of tail. The only thing it doesn't do is kill ticks. I use a separate Preventic tick collar for that. There are never any fleas in our house even though our dogs are sometimes outside.</p>

Vet recommended
Author: Ken
Location: San Antonio TX
My Vet highly recommended this product but the vet charged twice as much. Have not seen any fleas at all. Great product at a great price.

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