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Reviews for Acepromazine 25 mg, 100 Tablets (1010619)

Acepromazine 25 mg, 100 Tablets
Author: Jean
I use this medication for my female GSD who has anxiety. It has assisted her in sleeping more consistently without disruption (excessive panting). I give it to her at night and she seems to manage daily events better. Without the medication, changes in our routine tend to be difficult for her.

Acepromazine 25 mg. 100 tablets
Author: acepromazine 25 mg.
Location: Wisconsin
I give this to my dog to help him keep calm when I need to leave him home. It works wonderfully. He doesn't have any side effects after it wears off and it doesn't change his attitude/personality. I find that with Vet Depot I can purchase this product at reasonable prices. Cost is a factor for me as I have two dogs. This company is both helpful and friendly. I give it the top rating.

Calming benefits
Author: BabyRotty
Location: Vero Beach, FL
This medication has proven effective for calming our two Rotties when given prior to holiday fireworks, during wicked T-storms if they last for a long time and are causing extreme anxiety, etc. It isn't something we use on a regular basis, but when the need arises, it's great to have this on hand so our dogs are more comfortable.

Author: Aussie Mom
Location: Georgia
Works wonderfully; great calmer.

Third Time and Still a Charm
Author: Carla janes
Location: Memphis th
I have ordered sedative medications for a kenneled foster dog I've had since February. The website is easy to order from tracking right on target and had it within 2 1/2 days. I will do a fourth order if need be. Thank you VetDepot

What a terrific alternative to my house being destroyed!
Author: Diane Andrews
Location: Houston, Tx
<p>My 100# baby has thunderstorm anxiety. I started buying Ace from my Vet, then they turned me on to this website. What a difference in the cost! This site is much cheaper than my vet was. Also, when I know its going to rain, I just give her a few tablets and she is nice and relaxed. Not drugged but just relaxed. She was eating holes in my walls before this medication, and that has since stopped. Thank you Vet Depot for providing such great service. I got the pills in just a few days and we are so much better now!</p>

Author: L. Peters
Location: Deltona, FL
This is a must have if your dog is like mine. Mine freaks out when the kids have a birthday party or more than 3 people are in our house, and he also freaks when we got to the groomers. Just one fixes everything without making him seem like he's in a coma.

Works well, love that the dose is so adjustable.
Author: Lab Mom
Location: Arizona
My 60 lb. lab is hypersensitive to sensory stimulus of any kind. Sight, sound, smell, touch...a very sensitive nervous system that seems always on hyper-alert. I think she would make an incredible working dog - search and rescue or being by a hunter/rancher/farmer's side 12 hours a day in the field. Sadly, her life requires that she "lay about" a chunk of every day (like most dogs!). Although she gets at least 2 hours of running, jumping, smelling, retrieving activity daily, and short play and training times in between, I have used Acepromazine to help her manage the times when she is hyper-aroused but I am not able to give her enough physical activity to tire her out (along with lots of behavioral training and touch therapy to calm her energy system). I really like that this medication is manufactured so that a 25 mg tablet can be broken into as many as 4 pieces. This way I can give her only enough to take the edge off and help her to calm given the situation. I work from home most of the time, but if I have to be gone for several hours during the day or evening, I give her more - a half tablet (she also has some separation anxiety), a quarter tablet at times when I am around but she is having trouble calming. I use it a few times per week, but because I can lower the dose whenever possible, I worry much less about her becoming dependent or over-medicating. I also use a supplement called L-theanine (with her vet's blessing). The brand I have found most effective is made by Enzymatic Therapy and is made with Suntheanine L-theanine (Amazon, Swanson). It is an amino acid that calms the brain/nervous system by promoting more alpha wave activity.

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