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Reviews for Acepromazine 25 mg, 100 Tablets (1010619)

Acepromazine 25 mg, 100 Tablets
Author: Jean
I use this medication for my female GSD who has anxiety. It has assisted her in sleeping more consistently without disruption (excessive panting). I give it to her at night and she seems to manage daily events better. Without the medication, changes in our routine tend to be difficult for her.

Calming benefits
Author: BabyRotty
Location: Vero Beach, FL
This medication has proven effective for calming our two Rotties when given prior to holiday fireworks, during wicked T-storms if they last for a long time and are causing extreme anxiety, etc. It isn't something we use on a regular basis, but when the need arises, it's great to have this on hand so our dogs are more comfortable.

Author: Aussie Mom
Location: Georgia
Works wonderfully; great calmer.

Third Time and Still a Charm
Author: Carla janes
Location: Memphis th
I have ordered sedative medications for a kenneled foster dog I've had since February. The website is easy to order from tracking right on target and had it within 2 1/2 days. I will do a fourth order if need be. Thank you VetDepot

Author: L. Peters
Location: Deltona, FL
This is a must have if your dog is like mine. Mine freaks out when the kids have a birthday party or more than 3 people are in our house, and he also freaks when we got to the groomers. Just one fixes everything without making him seem like he's in a coma.

Works well, love that the dose is so adjustable.
Author: Lab Mom
Location: Arizona
My 60 lb. lab is hypersensitive to sensory stimulus of any kind. Sight, sound, smell, touch...a very sensitive nervous system that seems always on hyper-alert. I think she would make an incredible working dog - search and rescue or being by a hunter/rancher/farmer's side 12 hours a day in the field. Sadly, her life requires that she "lay about" a chunk of every day (like most dogs!). Although she gets at least 2 hours of running, jumping, smelling, retrieving activity daily, and short play and training times in between, I have used Acepromazine to help her manage the times when she is hyper-aroused but I am not able to give her enough physical activity to tire her out (along with lots of behavioral training and touch therapy to calm her energy system). I really like that this medication is manufactured so that a 25 mg tablet can be broken into as many as 4 pieces. This way I can give her only enough to take the edge off and help her to calm given the situation. I work from home most of the time, but if I have to be gone for several hours during the day or evening, I give her more - a half tablet (she also has some separation anxiety), a quarter tablet at times when I am around but she is having trouble calming. I use it a few times per week, but because I can lower the dose whenever possible, I worry much less about her becoming dependent or over-medicating. I also use a supplement called L-theanine (with her vet's blessing). The brand I have found most effective is made by Enzymatic Therapy and is made with Suntheanine L-theanine (Amazon, Swanson). It is an amino acid that calms the brain/nervous system by promoting more alpha wave activity.

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