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Reviews for Breeze Cat Litter System with Scoop, 9.54 lb - 2 Pack (1070268)

Best system ever!
Author: Rebecca
Location: Joliet
I have 5 cats and I'm only using one box! Only because I'm anal about scooping once to twice every day. But I have another in the hall, they just prefer this one in a certain location, so i just stopped using the other one. I only have to change the pad about every 5-7 days or more in the summer when they're drinking more. This is by far the cleanest system Ive ever had. When I had 11 cats, i used 3 of these systems with no problems. You can typically pick the pellets and pads up at some of the walmarts if you look around. It is no more expensive considering the constant replacement of liter compared to just scooping a single bad of litter pellets every month and a single bag of pads purchase every month. And the odor is far less and so much less messy! Tho i would recommend a small mat in front for the pellets that get stuck in the Kitties toes and go with them on their way out of the box and get dropped as they step out.

Breeze Cat Litter System with Scoop, 9.54 lb - 2 Pack
Author: BK
Location: San Antonio, TX 78217
We love this cat box. I now have 3 for two cats. There is no mess, no odor, and no dust in the air from scratching cat liter. My sister told me about this box. I order on-line because it isn't as easy to find in the stores. This has been a huge improvement in our home.

So nice & so easy to clean
Author: Leslee
Location: Florida
I love this system. I just hate carrying the heavy litter in and all the bags out to the trash. This is quick and easy to to clean. The pellets are noisy sounding but one cat took to it right away. They provide transition instructions that worked.

I now have some feral cats that are becoming indoor cats. Right now, they prefer the old style, but two of them use the Breeze box at times without my training them. I'm hopeful that I can get the other two to use it willingly and get rid of the other box.

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