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Reviews for Viyo Recuperation Cat, 150 mL - 3 Pack (1018097)

My cat got a surgery
Author: Deniz
My cat is 12 years old and got a surgery. He's been having eating problem, and finally our vet found out he has a big digesting problem. My mom used to feed him with chicken so the doc. said he shouldn't eat rather than cat food. The vet suggested Viyo Veterinary right after the surgery and my cat recovered quickly and he is been doing much better now. That's a global product, we used to buy from our local vet clinic but finally I order from this website to pay less ;)

This stuff is great
Author: Hilary
Location: NY, USA
It's really life-saving. I'm a feline foster mom, so on any given day we have at least a few kittens who are "trying to die". Viyo almost always buffs them up. Okay, so we lost 3 kittens this week even using it, but the other 9 who were also circling the drain are doing great! This is great to increase appetite, but it is certainly no replacement for supplements/food/sub-q fluids. If you have failing kittens just squirt some of this onto the canned food and watch them hoover it up!

Viyo is the best!
Author: Dennis
Location: South Florida
My 9 year old female cat was diagnosed with multiple kidney stones in both kidneys and my vet recommended surgery. We opted to try Viyo to see if this would encourage my cat to drink more water and flush the stones. One and 1/2 years later, all her kidney stones are gone. I continue to use Viyo to keep her healthy and the best part is she loves it! My vet and I are very pleased. I was purchasing Viyo through my vet but it is less expensive at VetDepot.

Viyo Veterinary Cat
Author: Rodica
My cat is having kidney failure, and this Viyo Veterinary helped him a lot.

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