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Reviews for I-Drop Vet Plus Eye Lubricant 0.30%, 20 Doses (1017346)

I consider this a must have
Author: Suzanne
Location: Missouri
<p>I was introduced to this product by a veterinarian ophthalmologist after one of my cats req'd eye surgery. I now use it on both cats twice each day as they are a breed with pronounced "round eye bulge/shape". I use the individual vials as they are preservative free; the multi-dose bottle kept the eye moist but also seemed to cause mild irritation of the lower eyelid. The disappeared when I went to individual vials. I consider this a must have for my cats.</p>

I-Drop Vet Plus Eye Lubricant 0.30%, 20 Doses
Author: LoveMyCats
One of my cats has Feline Herpes Virus in his eyes which has damaged his corneas, eyelids, and tear producing glands. These drops three times a day, along with a warm compress on his eyes for 5 minutes twice a day is keeping him happy, free from pain, and no longer squinting. These drops are NOT a cure for ocular FHV but maintain his eyes in a good state after months of other treatments from his ophthalmologists at UCDavis VMTH. The preservatives in the bottle I-Drops irritated his eyes.

It works great!!!
Location: KOREA
I have 2 dogs, suffering from dryness eye,and I had to use eye drop.I'd searched couple of weeks, and decided to buy a preservative free eye drop with Hyaluronan acid. It's perfect!!! it seems working right. I'll buy it again for sure.

Pretty Good
Author: Geo2smart
Location: Southern Oregon
<p>Seems to work well but has to be used often to work. (about 3-4 times per day) An ophthalmology surgeon once told me "that if you're not using an eyedrop often, it's like a spit in the ocean and doesn't really alleviate the symptoms". </p><p>If money is not a problem, then it is worth a try.</p>

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