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Reviews for Trifexis for Dogs 40.1-60 lbs, 6 Chewable Tablets (Blue) (1018123)

Best Price Around
Author: Amy
Location: New Jersey
I have searched many different websites as well as talked to my vet and Vet Depot beat their price by at least $30. It is great to know that I can treat my dog for the best price.

Couldn't have been easier!
Author: Melody
Location: Miami, FL
I found the Trifexis I need, for $25 cheaper than what my vet charges. The process was so easy, and when I received the box it had been JUST BARELY crushed. Inside I found a hand-written apology for the damage to the box which had ZERO effect on the medicine inside.

THANKS VET DEPOT! I will be back!

Author: Eva
Location: Charleston, SC
Great price & fast shipping! This product is great as it is a three in one.

Good Price and Fast Delivery
Author: Steve
Location: Hollywood FL
Title says it all.

Much less expensive than vet and delivery was in two days.

Great Price; Great Service
Author: Kali
Location: Tallahassee, FL
I have not found Trifexis for less and the customer service was exceptional!

Had no problem with the purchase
Author: matt
Location: United States
This purchase was hassle free and the medications worked great. No complaints!

Only other Heartworm Pill with Three Active Agents.
Author: Ultra
This is the only other heartworm preventative that also has parasitic worm protection as well as flea and tick protection. The only other being Sentinel (White Label). However Sentinel is out of production due to a manufacturer recall, thus the only viable choice is Trifexis. It is seemingly the most expensive heartworm preventative with Sentinel in tow, however when you consider the protection level it provides in one convenient pill, it is actually very cost effective. Since purchasing separate flea and tick protection will easily exceed the costs of Trifexis.

Yet the most important factor here is providing optimal protection for your loved member of the family. And there is no cost that can be placed on that. Please consider that treating heartworm is far more costly and dangerous to the wellbeing of your loved one. And Vetdepot does have the best pricing on both Sentinel and Trifexis.

We switched as Sentinel is out of production temporarily and with a little peanut butter to coat the pill, there was little issue to have our dogs swallow them (we have four large dogs). The pills like sentinel are actually very small, which is an added benefit when you consider how large some of the other pills are. It does have a strong earth scent, like wild mushrooms, however as stated, a little cheese or peanut butter can easily mask the scent.

Highly recommended, and well worth the protection and peace of mind knowing you are providing them the very best possible protection.

Author: Erinn G
Dogs had no problem taking the tablets and the fleas were gone that night!

Trifexis - Vet Depot
Author: ZackaryTX
Trifexis is perhaps the best option on the market right now, and Vet Depot has the best price.

Make sure to follow the instruction by administering with food; otherwise, it might upset your dog's stomach like it did mine when I neglected to give it to him at dinner time.

Trifexis 40 - 60lbs 6 Chewable Tablets (Blue)
Author: Dave
Location: Oley, Pa.
Found product to be superior to others I have tried. Also purchasing through Vet Depot the cost is both less than my vet, and other sites.

Trifexis 40.5-60 lbs (Blue)
Author: Mick
Location: Seven Lakes, NC
Great product! Covers many bases with one pill.

Vet Depot was quick to deliver at a price 33% less than as well

I was paying from my vet. Free shipping as well.

Trifexis for Dogs 40.1-60 lbs, 6 Chewable Tablets (Blue)
Author: Angela
Great product, quick delivery, and good price. However, it does look as if the price has gone up since I ordered.

Trifexis for Dogs 40.1-60 lbs, 6 Chewable Tablets (Blue)
Author: Nancy
Location: Orchard Park, NY
I used Sentinel for my other dog but they are not available so my Vet recommend Trifexis. Molly did not like the taste so I dip it in peanut butter and that did the trick. She is part of the percent that threw up. It was the first time she took it since she is just a puppy. I hope the next one will not affect her the same way. Nice having 1 pill for heart worms and fleas.

Trifexis for Dogs 40.1-60 lbs, 6 Chewable Tablets (Blue)
Author: mary
Location: TN
<p>Love Trifexis. Makes remembering and giving meds so easy. No issues with ordering or receipt from VetDepot.</p>

Trifexis for Dogs 40-50lbs - Excellent!
Author: George
Location: WA
This is the best product you can buy! Trifexis is the only one that does not upset my dog's stomach. VetDepot is great - best price, fast delivery - no problems!

Trifexis Review
Author: Heather
Location: Nashville, TN
So far, I really like Trifexis. I love having to give only one treatment to my dogs for both heartworm and flea prevention. It was easy to give them. Did not have fleas before, but don't have any now either, so I assume it's working.

Author: Ilisa
Location: San Diego
Great product. We use it for both dogs. Much easier than giving separate medications. My only complaint is that my dogs don't like the taste so I have to force it down. Perhaps it needs to be beef or some other flavor.

The process was very quick with VetDepot.

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