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Reviews for Trifexis for Dogs 10.1-20 lbs, 6 Chewable Tablets (Orange) (1018121)

2-in-1 and great alternative to topicals
Author: DogMom
Location: United States
For the last several months, our Yorkie male has been breaking out in hives and was so itchy that he was unable to sleep at night. After spending several hundred dollars and months of trying to resolve this problem, we eventually came around to the idea that it could be the topical flea product we were using. It was effective in keeping the fleas away but it was also making him itch like crazy. We also determined the flea product could be a factor in why our other dogs were having what seemed to be cyclical bouts of itching.

We've been using Trifexis for a couple of months and so far everything seems to be working as it should. Our itchiest boy is itching less and sleeping better. I like that we have our flea and heartworm preventative done in one fell swoop, and that we don't have a ton of packages to deal with anymore. I also like that I no longer have two different products to try and keep up with on the ordering.

I can't say enough about VetDepot's customer service and turnaround time. The only holdup on delivery time is getting the vet's approval. Once that is completed, it seems our order is on our doorstep within 1-2 days after that. I'm so glad I found this site ... it makes life that much easier when dealing with multiple pets and their various maladies!

Best Product. Used more than a year!
Author: Vernette
No fleas or other problems after a year. This is a great product. It's

easy to give. Before my dog would chew the tablet, I used to put a little

honey on the tip of my finger and stick the tablet on it. I could just pop

it down his throat and he was so busy trying to swallow the honey that he didn't

even notice. Now that he's a big boy (15 months), he is happy to chew

his pill. I am glad to not put any drops between his shoulder blades. That used

to really irritate the skin of my daughter's Bichon.

Bye Bye Fleas!
Author: S Gauthier
Location: Port Allen, LA
I no longer have fleas crawling all over my dog when I walk her through the neighborhood. This stuff is effective and works FAST! If I see if a flea then it is dead or dying...also the heartworm inclusion is a bonus. Thanks Trifexis for making my life easier!

Easy to use and chewable!
Author: Mom2Pups
Location: Mount Pleasant TX
I got this for heartworms for my dog. It seems to be working and I have no complaints.

Excellent product from a great company
Author: Kim
Location: St. Petersburg, FL
My kids take Trifexis with a bit of hotdog and have zero trouble with fleas and intestinal worms. Didn't have any whipworm problems until I moved to Florida from Ohio. I bought a house that had had a pet with intestinal worms and viola! There is no way to clean the house or the yard of these things so my kids were exposed and will lhave to take Trifexis for the rest of their lives.

Good experience
Author: Maru
Location: Texas
Good experience and good price, no problem with my 1st order through this company. Fast shipping too.. I will definitely buy again in the future..

Great Idea!
Author: CJ
Location: Texas
We've used it exactly 1 dosage, but it posed absolutely no problem for our Peanut. No lethargy, no stomach upset. Unfortunately, Peanut evidently doesn't like orange, so I use a small hammer to pulverize the pill and smash it into a wee bit of hot dog and THAT, she loves. So, am looking forward to using Trifexis as a regular regimen for Peanut.

Great Price, Great Product, Great Company
Author: Kim
Location: St. Petersburg, FL
I have 4 dogs and "price out" a LOT of vet medicine sites ... vet depot is one of my top two sites when it comes to getting medications for my "kids". They will even contact your vet for you. The shipping is fast; I've never had a problem with a medication from this company.

Great Product
Author: ErinL
It would only be better if it repelled ticks too!

Great product, great service
Author: Erin
Location: Athens, GA
Arrived promptly, I only ever had an issue with vet depot once- they sent me a 6 mo supply of comfortis and by the last 2 pills it would have been expired. They then sent me a whole new 6 mo supply that was not expired to make up for it. They are a great company and they provide top quality product and service

Author: Teresa T.
It's super quick and super easy. It's not messy like topical medications. And it's all inclusive. It costs more than other stuff maybe, but the extra cost is worth every penny.

Author: Susan G
Location: Port Allen, LA
I have been using comfortis because the pill is so much easier to give to my dog. This is a double whammy since it is flea and heartworm medicine in one. My dog takes the tablet like a treat and we have not seen any fleas. Will purchase again!

Once a month & no worries!
Author: Sandra
Location: Palm Harbor, FL
My Manchester Terrier has been on Trifexis since the vet introduced us to it many years ago. It is a great product, as he hasn't had any flea or tick problems in his 12 1/2 years. Although he originally was on Sentinel when Trifexis came out, we've never gone back. It has kept him flea free, though he does go outside for long walks, they never latch on for a ride.

Author: debbie
Love being able to give a chewable once a month and not have any problems with fleas. When I first got my dog from the shelter he had a bad case of fleas and I was concerned that I would never get rid of them and they are now gone.

Author: Jen
Location: sc
This was a very smooth transaction. Great price and quick shipping!

Trifexis for Dogs
Author: Debbie Connell
Location: Weymouth, Ma
I started using Trifexis on my new pet in March 2014 and I love the neatness of it. No getting their coat messy with chemicals and VetDepot is the place to go to get your supplies to care for your pet. I had my order in my hand in less than a week and never any problem. One chewable tablet and that is all for the month. Love it and so does my CoCo!

Trifexis for Dogs 10.1 to 20 lb chewable tablets
Author: Susie
Location: Bay Area California
I love Trifexis. I can prevent heart worms, fleas and intestinal parasites in one product. It is easy to administer and I feel good about the quality of the product.

Very cool!
Author: Margot
Location: Austin
Great experience overall. Arrived quickly and looks exactly like the box I would get from my vet. Will order from VetDepot again.

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