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Reviews for Scripts Pill Pals for Smaller Pills, 3.2 oz (30 Treats) (1018001)

Author: Lu
Location: Lexington, KY
I have 2 dogs that need medications daily. This is a great product and makes them look forward for the medication time (treat time)! When they hear the sound of the medication bottles, they run to me, sit and wait :-). I have used the pill pockets for a long time but they definitely prefer Pill Pals. It is smaller and since I give them daily basis that reduces the risks of pancreatitis. I usually order 20 (yes, 20) packs per time. VetDepot has been also great, always on time and easy to order.

Fantastic Product!
Author: Kristal
It's never been easier to give medication. My dog is on several types of medicine and she can not wait to eat it. She loves the taste and thinks it is a treat.

My Cat Loves Pill Pals!
Author: Mary Z.
Location: Maryland
<p>This product is perfect for my cat. I tried other similar products without any success then my vet suggested Pill Pals. I just cut it in half and sandwich her pill between the halves. She just gobbles it down without any hesitation!</p>

Scripts Pill Pals for Smaller Pills, 3.2 oz (30 Treats)
Author: Barbara M.
Location: Raleigh, NC
One of my dogs usually would eat all around a "pill pocket" and spit out the pill, but no such problem with the Scripts Pill Pals! I also use little pieces for quartered pills I give two of my cats. So nice for them to feel like they're getting a treat rather than having something shoved down their throat!

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