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Reviews for Dermachlor HC Shampoo, 16 oz (1018058)

Couldn't live without it!
Author: KeesMom
Location: Virginia
My vet discontinued this shampoo which was very helpful to my keeshond. They prescribed 2 other shampoos which dried out and damaged his skin. I found dermachlor online and it has been helpful in repairing his skin and eliminating much of his scratching. It's a great product!

Dermachlor HC Shampoo
Author: Rose
Location: United States
Excellent product!! Purchased it due to skin condition my Black Lab has, and also used it on my German Shepherd. My Black lab is now not having the skin problems she was having and the German Shepherd is shedding less!!! Couldn't be more pleased.

Fantastic product
Author: Gary B.
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
I have a German Shepherd and she has a skin condition. I wouldn't know what to do if this product wasn't available!

Author: Nini
Location: Los Angeles
This is by far the only shampoo product that worked on my dog. I have a Golden Retrieveer and he was plagued by skin irritation, dry skin, flakiness. He was driving us nuts with his scratching and licking. I was constantly taking him to the vet and they would prescribe pills and then they gave me this shampoo. I didn't want to keep using pills so by process of elimination I found that the shampoo alone did the trick. I've never (knocking on wood) had to take him back to the vet for pills. This is the BEST STUFF ever.

For all pets.
Author: Lucy K.
Location: Kansas City
I use this on my dog, elderly dog, cat, and horse. I started using it to treat a recurring skin infection my dog was getting from scratching (he is allergic to pollen and has a rough time). Then, I tried it to soothe flea bites on my cat and it worked well them too. It works for infections, itching, small hot spots, everything.

Have always used this on my Goldens!
Author: Golden Mom
Location: Virginia
Vet suggested it when they were puppies, and neither of them have ever had skin/coat issues. Would not switch for anything.

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