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Reviews for Aventi KP Powder Kidney Support for Cats, 50 gm (1018031)

Atticus is a New Cat
Author: RevaRo
Location: Kalamazoo MI
<p>We nearly lost Atticus (Tonkinese, 16 years old) due to kidney disease. Dr. felt we should try him first on KS and then added KP. This was back in January '16; two months later he is doing so much better, has gained weight (was very skinny) and was very lethargic. Today he is able to climb up on furniture (ha) and jump up on the bed (ha). </p><p>Please note that customer service personnel at VetDepot are one of the most courteous, efficient and polite group of people I have dealt with when ordering online. It was a pleasure placing my orders. THANK YOU&gt;</p>

Detoxify the Blood
Author: Karen
Location: California
Aventi KP has helped my 19 year old cat to reduce the toxic build up of waste in her blood and it helps prevent nausea as well as increase her appetite. I find that I only need to give her Aventi KP one or two times a week. I give her the Aventi KS every other day along with the Aventi KP.

It is a very fine powder that mixes easily with food and a little goes a long way. It is obvious that my cat is feeling much better.

great customer service
Author: reva ro
Location: Kalamazoo Michigan
<p>My beloved Atticus is in kidney failure but Dr recommended we try aventi kp. while we can't expect a miracle he is stronger than two weeks ago. Showing improvement. ..hoping for the best. </p><p>Thank the young lady who took the order so efficiently and courteously.</p>

Reduces symptoms of Kidney Disease
Author: Claude
Location: California
<p>My 22 year old kitty has been on both Aventi kidney products for over 5 years and she is still here and happy. This product helps reduce uremia and is backed with clinical trials.</p>

Works Well to Help Kidneys
Author: Jessica
Location: Florida
I use this along with Aventi KS, mixed together with about 1 cc water and I syringe it to my two 17 year old cats that have chronic kidney disease. They don't mind the taste at all, and it helps maintain the kidney function they have remaining, and keeps the numbers in their blood work stable.

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