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Reviews for Glyco-Flex III Mini Bite-Sized Chews, 60 Soft Chews (1017571)

Flexible Pups
Author: Jim
Location: Woodstock, GA
I have been using Glyco-Flex III Minis on my three Chihuahuas for eight years. None of them have any joint issues in spite of their predisposition to knee problems. For the cost, I think Glyco-Flex III is good insurance.

Great for little dogs
Author: Cherie
Location: CT
My Yorkie loves these and its much easier to give this size then breaking the large tabs in half or quarters. Plus he thinks he's getting a treat. He dislocated his shoulder twice and was showing arthritis beginning around the joint. The vet recommended these to help with further damage and possible pain. I will see if its helping more as he ages, but I am big into prevention rather then treatment so I'm taking my chances that this helps.

Great Product
Author: Bettina
As a veterinary technician and dog owner I've seen first hand the benefits of long term joint supplements in dogs of all sizes. My previous dogs, Golden Retrievers, both received Glycoflex for years and moved very well long into their teens. Now I have two small dogs and am glad it's available in a formula made for them. They both love it. I simply add one chew to their food daily and they gobble it right up!

Great Product
Author: Nanci K
Location: GA
I got these for my 5 pound Pomeranian. They are easy to break up into smaller pieces as they are soft and she loves them. It is her "treat" every morning and she looks forward to it.

Leaping, running cat
Author: Sandy
Location: NC
I asked my vet why my cat didn't jump up on things and he suggested Glyco-Flex III Mini Bite Sized Chews. Three weeks after giving her these she was leaping from sofa to chair and running up and down the stairs. She is like a new, younger cat now. I see her eying the counters and fear I have created a cat that might end up walking the counter tops. Wish I'd known this years ago as she is an older cat who appeared on my doorstep five years ago and could have benefited from this treatment.

Author: Scott DeWitt
Location: Johns Island, SC
My dog loves eating these. I use them as treats knowing they are also helping her joints. Win Win.

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