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Reviews for VetOne Vitamin K1 for Dogs and Cats 50 mg, 50 Chewable Tablets (1017321)

Great Product!
Author: hiflight
Super price! Vets wanted $45 for the same thing.

Shipping was reasonable and came within the week.

VetOne Vitamin K1
Author: mark k
Location: Missouri
<p>my vet charged me $89 for the same potency vitamin! what a savings to find your product!

my dog prefers to chew these tablets, rather than me make him swallow them!

he loves them because they are beef flavored!</p>

VetOne Vitamin K1 for Dogs and Cats 50 mg
Author: Ed
Location: Corona Ca
This is an essential item for home treatment of a dog that has ingested rat poison and it is unavailable anywhere else except by vet prescription. The price is reasonable

VetOne Vitamin K1 for Dogs and Cats 50 mg, 50 Chewable Tablets
Author: Dana
Location: Arizona
After a very scary time (rat poisoning ingestion), these pills were both inexpensive compared to the vets office & human pharmacy and our dog ate them easily without need of peanut butter or cajoling.

vitamin k1
Author: oscar
Location: miami
The Shipping was right on time,for my dog that ate some rat poison and the price was good, overall good business thanks vetdepot.

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