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Reviews for GenOne Topical Spray, 120 mL (1017449)

GenOne Topical Spray
Author: Katie B.
Location: Corona De Tucson
It was the only thing that worked on our English Springer Spaniel, Tracy Girl! Stops the licking and gives me peace of mind!

GenOne Topical Spray
Author: Jan
We have a West Highland Terrier who suffers from allergies as many of them do. This spray is very effective for fighting this particularly on her paws.

GenOne Topical Spray
Author: Jill
Location: NJ
I got this spray prescribed by my vet and it helped with my dog's itching and scratching. I've reordered it many times on and have saved money and time ordering it online.

Good antibacterial spray
Author: Ashley
Location: Burbank, CA
Works well on small cuts, scratches and relieves her irritation and stops her scratching.

Great for hot spots
Author: Suzanne
Location: Hawaii
My golden retriever/mystery mix is prone to hot spots and they are difficult to get rid of because he has a very thick undercoat. GenOne spray is the best and now the only thing I use. One spray on a red spot and the next day it is gone. I'm sure that part of this is because GenOne relieves the itching also. It is a great product and I love the way VetDepot is so efficient with processing my order and shipping it promptly.

Great for Hot Spots!
Author: Lucky
Location: Vancouver, WA
I've used this spray twice for my terrier's hot spots and it relieved her terrible scratching in no time and seemed to help clear them up, too. After a few uses, she stopped running and hiding when I had the spray in my hands! The first time I bought it at the vet's, but the second time I shopped online with a prescription. I was thrilled to find that, compared to the vet's, the price on VetDepot was less than HALF the price for a bottle TWICE the size!

Great for Skin Allergies and Hot Spots
Author: Loni
Location: FL
This spray works on my Bulldog. They are prone to allergies. When she gets an irritation, I use the spray twice a day and it's gone within a few days or week.

The price is great for a 120 ml bottle. I wish I could get a bigger bottle because it runs out fast. The item was packaged securely.

Great Multi-Purpose Skin Spray for Dogs
Author: Barnmaster
Location: Florida
Our Jack Russell's had terrible skin rashes and allergies when we moved to Florida. Our new vet recommended this product and we've used nothing else for the past 18 months. The spray is relatively odorless, quickly dries and is very effective in clearing up the rash and any associated infections.

GREAT SPRAY FOR DOGS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: Big Moe
Stops itching as our pug haws very dry skin and is allergic to many factors when walking outside, grass, etc etc

Hot Spot Spray
Author: Stuart
Location: Savannah, GA
Our Golden Retriever is prone to hot spots - a majar pain until our vet prescribed gentamicin spray. This stuff is worth it's weight in gold for its effectiveness, and sells it for less than where we used to get it. Can't recommend it enough!

Recommended by my dog's vet
Author: Arcy
Location: East Bay, CA
I was running out of this product. So, I decided to search it on the internet and came up, with a good price, a few dollars cheaper. So, I ordered it. I had a delay because I needed the approval of my dog's vet. So, I called the vet and told them that VetDepot just needed to fax the order to them for approval. They did it! So, from now on, I know how to order products from this website.

Super easy to apply.
Author: Orion's Mom
Location: Baldwin Park, CA
This is a spray which is really great and I love that it includes something to stop itching. My dog always seems to react to every scratch and cut by itching. I just wish the effects lasted longer because I can't reapply it.

The ONLY thing that's worked
Author: Lisa
Location: Davis, CA
I have two Portuguese Water dogs who had been chewing on their feet constantly. They have white paws that have turned brown from the constant chewing. I tried several "over the counter" products and even a few recommended by the vet. A friend recommended GenOne and it WORKS!! My dogs have white paws again. The only thing that could make this product better is if it came in gallon size.

this spray works for my dog's itching
Author: Jill C.
Location: United States
Price is great, ease of ordering from and product works!

Very effective
Author: Joanie
Location: PA
Our chocolate lab has pretty sever allergies and this is what we have found to be most effective on her paws and pads. She is not crazy about the spray itself, but sure likes the carrots that reward her being sprayed!

Works Great
Author: Jennifer
Location: San Antonio, Tx
Our Bagel (beagle/basset) has awful allergies. GenOne clears him up in no time. He is scared of the spray, so I put in my hand and rub all over his belly. He enjoys this so much, that he automatically lays down for me now if it's Medicine time. :)

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