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Reviews for Brewer's Yeast & Garlic Powder, 5 lb (1017353)

Brewer's Yeast & Garlic Powder, 5 lb
Author: Eileen
Location: Long Island
My yellow lab gets three tbsp. of the garlic/brewer's yeast over her kibble for breakfast. She loves it and we live in an area that has a huge tick population. So far I've only taken one off of her while my poor husband takes four or five off of himself each day he works in the garden. Maybe we should add the powder to our breakfast too!

Good for fleas and more!
Author: Cecelia
Location: NJ
So far so good. I have been using the Brewers Yeast and Garlic for about a month now and haven't seen a flea yet. In addition it also is high in B vitamins so the dogs get the extra benefit; my hound who is 7yrs old has definitely more energy since taking it! It is smelly but the dogs certainly don't mind. I would highly recommend it.

Great Product
Author: Angela M.
Location: Madison Heights, MI
This worked wonderful for flea control on both of my large breed dogs and both of my cats. I mixed the cats in some wet food and they ate it no problem. The dogs ate it no problem in their dry food.

Seems to be working
Author: Morgan Bent
Location: Portsmouth, NH
I bought this at the insistence of my ex who swears it will get rid of fleas. I started with a cat that already had a bunch of fleas, so maybe that is my problem. I have definitely noticed way less fleas since I started using it and so will keep using it and report back. I love that it is natural and helping improve her nutrition.

Works great for Dogs and Cats!
Author: EB
Location: LA, CA
I started using this on my dogs and cat. Previously, my dogs would scratch almost constantly. This really helped clear my dogs of fleas and ticks, not completely (i don't think), they are outside dogs after all. But it really helped! As for my cat, he doesn't like the taste too much so I have to mix with food and watch his portion but in combo with the Frontline Plus it works wonderfully.

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