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Reviews for Sogeval Keto-TRIS Flush +PS, 4 oz (1017886)

Sogeval Keto-TRIS Flush + PS
Author: Roger
I first received this product through the veterinarian to help treat bacteria/yeast grown in my German Shepard's ears. This product is amazing. I was able to continue his therapy by purchasing the low cost solution through VetDepot. Highly recommended!

The Only Thing That Works for Yeasty, Fungal Ears.
Author: DL
Location: Hawaii
My dog Izzy was going to the vet every 4 months for cultures for yeast and infected ears. Inside her ears are very hairy, and I constantly pluck. Using Virbac's Epi Otic did not help. My vet heard about this product and didn't carry it yet, said he'd heard from a patient who discovered it back east. It is the BEST!

I order two bottles at a time.

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