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Reviews for Sogeval Chlorhexidine 4% +PS Shampoo for Dogs, Cats, and Horses, 1 gal (1017883)

Amazing Product!
Author: caligirl
This shampoo has been a life saver for our dog who is pretty much allergic to life itself! We use it on her weekly and it makes such a difference!

Author: Labs
Recommended by veterinary dermatologist for my dog. Works well. I bought the gallon because our dog is 100+ lbs and cheaper than smaller bottles.

Skin Issues
Author: Anna
My two German Shepherds have been plagued with secondary chronic skin infections as a result of allergies. After way to many antibiotics we decided to try this shampoo on an every 2 week basis for controlling the bacterial growth that causes the infections. So far we have been good. It has been a little over 2 months. Also, we were fed up with antibiotics and went to see a dermatologist and she said that she really liked this product, so we were already one step ahead. She also said if you start to see small lesions to do a spot wash every night with the shampoo. Just make sure you rinse well with washcloth.

Author: Bryon Jerkins
Location: Irvington, NJ
Good for skin infection that aren't bad enough for oral antibiotics. Does not dry skin out like other products.

Sogeval Chlorhexidine
Author: Elizabeth
My 10 year old female French bulldog is allergic to everything and the reactions manifest on her skin - hives, all-over hair loss, and raging staph infections. When DVM products disappeared from the market, taking their 4% Chlor-Hex shampoo with them, I was devastated, because the shampoo kept her skin clear and her staph infections controlled. Vet prescribed some worthless 3% formula from Virbac. After two years of daily baths, oral antibiotics, oral steroids, injectable antibiotics, injectable steroids, protein-specific diets, pathology reports, and bleach baths, a 4% Chlor-hex shampoo is finally back on the market. My Frenchie has hair again and I have my sanity and some extra $$ in my wallet. This shampoo formula is a primary component of her maintenance regimen. Thank you!

Sogeval Chlorhexidine 4% Shampoo for Dogs, Cats, and Horses, 1 gal
Author: Stephanie
Location: Oklahoma
Great price and it really stopped my dog from itching-he has allergies!

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