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Reviews for Sogeval Chlorhexidine 4% +PS Shampoo for Dogs, Cats, and Horses, 16 oz (1017606)

A must have for skin problems!
Author: Topaz
Location: PA
This shampoo is a godsend; my poor dog has had skin problems for years. This shampoo used regularly, healed her skin. She now has a full coat of fur. Just follow the directions!

<p>Tessa Angel has struggled with a very bad, scaly, scabby and

dry skin condition for many years! We were introduced to this 3.5% shampoo a

few months ago, and got outstanding results; but still not 100%. We elected to

try the 4% Sogeval Chlorhexidine 4% +PS Shampoo from VetDepot, and now after

just six baths, we must state that Tessa is completely cured of whatever was

causing this disorder. We think that our vet was trying to get as much out of

our purse as possible, but now with VetDepot- what a savings! Most importantly,

we accomplished finding great relief for our precious companion. Thank you very

much, Nancy & Gary</p>

Cocker Spaniels with Skin Issues
Author: Joni
Location: Oconomowoc WI
I have two Cocker Spaniels and both have had skin problems over the last year. I have my dogs groomed about every three weeks and had been getting a chlorhexidine shampoo from the vet. This is the same product, as far as I can discern, and it is at least 50% less expensive. With two dogs going for baths every three weeks that adds up quickly! My groomer said it is just as good as the prescription product, if not better because of the additional proceramide. So I, along with my Billy and Murphy, am very happy with this product!

Really Works!!
Author: Amy
My poor old dog really stinks due to "yeast" growth on his skin. (according to our vet) I have used other shampoos and even more expensive shampoos in the past. This shampoo really works! Works even better than the brand my vet sold me for double the price. Not only does my dog not itch or smell and anymore, the results last a long time so I am able to go longer between bathing him. I highly recommend this and will purchase again!

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