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Reviews for S-Adenosyl-100 (SAMe) for Small Dogs and Cats, 30 Tablets (1017599)

A Great Product!
Author: Darrel M.
Location: Houston, Texas
Our little Yorkie has the early signs of Cushing's Disease. Her liver function readings were abnormally high. Our Vet prescribed S-Adenosyl (SAMe) and asked us to bring her back in 3 months. When we brought her back in, her liver function readings were still above normal, but were half of what they were 3 months earlier. This stuff really does work.

Great product
Author: Ann
I have a 16 year old little poodle/terrier mix. He developed liver disease this year and the vet prescribed S-Adenosyl. He is on his 2nd month using this product and his previous symptoms (diarrhea, poor appetite) have completely disappeared. He will go in next month for his next blood test and I would not be surprised if his liver enzyme levels are improved. Love Vet Depot too, great service & prices.

Liver protection and other benefits
Author: Cole Whitt
Location: Lynnwood, WA
It amuses me that I take SAMe and so do my cats and dogs. My vet recommended this for my husky because he was having joint problems and started taking pain relievers for his symptoms. SAMe is supposed to help prevent liver damaged caused by taking over the counter NSAIDs every day. I asked about starting my other pets on it and he gave me the all clear.

S Adenosyl
Author: Tpov
Great product. I am giving it to my very elderly small dog mix for a bad hip and limping due to her bad hip. It has helped a lot. She has spring in her step and hardly limps anymore and can go for walks again. I also can't wait to see her blood work. I bet that has improved to. Worth the money.

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