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Reviews for Pramosoothe HC Spray, 8 oz (1017622)

Excellent for itching!
Author: Savannah
Location: Denver Co
I love this most for its anti-itching effects. It stops my dog from licking and chewing and himself, which only ends up making him worse. It is so much better than trying to treat plus using those foul-tasting chew stopping products.

Pramosoothe HC Spray
Author: Nancy
Location: Frankfort, IL
I have six dogs, 4 of which are French Bulldogs. One of my Frenchies has severe allergies, and a couple have mild seasonal flareups. Probably one of the most frustrating parts of these allergies is the paw licking. This product works very well on the paws and the rest of the body. Make sure not to spray near nostrils, as you might get some sneezes. It has also proved effective on rescue dogs I have fostered that have allergies. Recommendation: Use a washcloth with cool water to wipe the affected area first, thus removing some allergens and cooling the irritated area. After you have done so, spray on the affected area. Excellent product!

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