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Reviews for Clenz-A-Dent Dental Chew Sticks for Small Dogs, 8 Chews (1017646)

Save Your Dog's Teeth and Save Money by Avoiding Extractions at the Vet!
Author: M. Douglas Cordell
Location: Venice, Florida
<p>My dog Mocha Latte is a female Chihuahua which I took over from my daughter after grad school and landing a great job. I went to the Vet; the shocking report was that her teeth were brown, and $300 later she was put under anesthesia, lower tooth extracted, and a deep clean was done. The vet recommended clenze-a-dent small dog chews and gave me a sample. Short story is that I buy 3 orders at a time, and my dog loves them! I cut one in half, and give one in afternoon and her teeth are white and checks have been great. I highly recommend to help get tarter build up off, and stay off. This combined with high quality crunchy dog chow keeps her in great shape. You won't be disappointed!</p>

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