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Reviews for Clenz-A-Dent Dental Chew Sticks for Small Dogs, 8 Chews (1017646)

I highly Reccomend this product on scale od 1 to 5 I give 5
Author: ChihuaHua
Location: Sarasota
I was given a sample from a Vet after a $250 tooth extraction and deep cleaning of tarter

on our Chihuahua. It was actually for a big dog, so it took 4 days for the dog to finish. I then found VetDepot had it best price and for small Dogs. I bought 2 containers 12 total. I have been cutting them in half, for a snack when I leave for work, and one for next day. Keeps the tarter off back teethe and all others. Dog loves them.

Save Your Dog's Teeth and Save Money by Avoiding Extractions at the Vet!
Author: M. Douglas Cordell
Location: Venice, Florida
<p>My dog Mocha Latte is a female Chihuahua which I took over from my daughter after grad school and landing a great job. I went to the Vet; the shocking report was that her teeth were brown, and $300 later she was put under anesthesia, lower tooth extracted, and a deep clean was done. The vet recommended clenze-a-dent small dog chews and gave me a sample. Short story is that I buy 3 orders at a time, and my dog loves them! I cut one in half, and give one in afternoon and her teeth are white and checks have been great. I highly recommend to help get tarter build up off, and stay off. This combined with high quality crunchy dog chow keeps her in great shape. You won't be disappointed!</p>

Too soon to tell
Author: tacoNtoby2U
Location: Palmyra NJ
<p>They are hard to break in half, and I think they are very hard in general. My 2 Chis really like them and they are picky and selective. I ordered the smallest size and I think even they are still too big to give in tact. This is why I break them in half. Slightly chalky and gritty and very different from other dental chews I have bought. Very odd shape, but I guess it's ok.</p>

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