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Reviews for Greenies Pill Pockets for Dogs Beef Flavor, 30 Tablets - 6 Pack (1017831)

Great value!
Author: Patti
My dog needs education three times a day. This product is half the price of what

I was paying at a pet supplies retail store.

Greenies for Pills
Author: JB in Chatsworth
Location: Los Angeles County
Well all I can say this that Greenies Pill pockets have been a savior. This dog hated taking pills would find them in everything, but now he can't wait for his pill in the morning. Thanks Greenies!

he loves them
Author: pacomom
Location: maine
Paco has to take medication twice a day for epilepsy - pill pockets make it a pleasant occasion for both of us.

I'm a convert - and this price is great!
Author: Terrier Lady
Location: St. Louis, MO
My pooch has been on daily meds for months now. I resisted pill pockets because I thought they were overpriced and I could sneak pills in cheese, hot dog bits, etc. that I already had on hand. WRONG! Within a matter of days she'd sniff out the pill within the treat and refuse it.

Broke down and tried Greenie PPs and she LOVES them. I think they must have a smell that ovepowers the med smell. Ordering a six pack from VetDepot brought the cost down considerably from pet store prices.

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