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Reviews for Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus for Dogs and Cats, 60 Chewable Tablets (1017254)

Cranberry Pluss
Author: barry
Location: minnesota
seems to work well. Good price until you have to pay shipping.

Cranberry supplement
Author: Catlow's Mom
Location: Cary, NC
My dog has a paralytic disorder and a resultant history of recurrent bladder infections. This product has helped to keep her infections under control. She also seems to really like the taste as she eats them right up!:-)

Author: Paul Jauss
Location: Outside Atlanta
This works great for animals prone to UTIs.

Easy and works well
Author: Mika's Dad
Location: Japan
My dog had crystals in her urine. These pills were easy to administer (dropped it in her food) and worked well. Even after the crystals disappeared we give her a 1/2 dose daily for precationary purposes and have not had any issues. They're fairly inexspensive and seem to do the job. I would recommend them to anyone.

Effective treatment for UTI
Author: Pearl's Mom
Location: New Mexico
<p>Our Bichon was plagued with bladder stones, most likely cause by unnoticed and untreated urinary tract infections. After the condition was cured, we started her on the Cranberry Plus Chewables. So far, she has gone infection-free for almost a year. And she considers them a treat!</p>

Fantastic product!
When our little service dog was diagnosed with crystals in his urine I started looking for a good cranberry tablet. I found these tablets, took the info to our vet who approved them.

After 2 months our little Puff was totally free of any crystals. Our vet recommended he stay on them for maintainance which he has and stayed crystal free.

Great product!!
Author: Helen
Location: California
I bought these tabs after approval from our vet to treat crystals in the urine of one of our dogs.

At the checkup 2 months later the urine was clear, I have used these tabs on a daily basis for 2 yrs and have had no issues with crystals in urine since.

I will always use these on all 3 of our service dogs.

Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus
Author: Barry
Dog does like; I assume they are helping.

Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus for Dogs & Cats
Author: Katie Kusske
Location: University Place WA

This is a great product, our Vet. ok'd the product and the price was just right!

Thank you.

Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus for Dogs and Cats, 60 Chewable Tablets
Author: Daniel
Location: Virginia
My dog was prone to infections and hasn't had any more infections since she started getting this product!

So far, no more utis.
Author: RBE
Location: United States
My corgi is extremely prone to UTIs so I decided to find a cranberry supplement to prevent this health issue. Since I started her with Pala-Tech (1 tab per day) she has not had any UTIs.

So far, so good
Author: Pearl's Dad
Since this is a product that will help prevent bacteria from settling in the urinary tract, it will take some time to evaluate it effectiveness. So far, our dog has tolerated it well, and considers it a treat.

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