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Reviews for NurtureCALM 24/7 Pheromone Collar for Cats, 15" (1017795)

Author: Andrea M
Location: Denver
I saw this product mentioned in a Best Friends magazine article. My older female cat was having difficulty adjusting to a new cat in the household, becoming the target of what I think was mostly "play agresion" by the new cat. She would get stressed out, hissing and running from one hiding place to another, which just made the new cat want to chase her all the more. I tried the plug-in diffusers but they were quite expensive and I would need more than one to cover the whole house. I put this pheromone collar on the cat who was getting picked on, and noticed significant improvement within a few days. It seemed to really decrease her stress level and give her more confidence, helping to break the cycle that was making her such a target for the other cat. She still hisses at him whenever they cross paths but I don't feel that I have to keep them separated while I'm at work anymore. If you have cats who aren't getting along this product may not solve the problem by itself but it can definitely help.

Excellent and Will Be Buying More
Author: Lisa
My cat suffers from severe anxiety and is on Prozac. Our vet recommended this collar at our last vet visit. I didn't know if it would work but I was willing to try anything. Literally the same day we put the collar on her, she started spending time in new places in our house. Ten days later, she got on the bed for scratches and petting. I'll be buying more!

Author: Fantastic
Our cat wore the collar while we packed up one house, fly her across the country, ran her through two international airports and brought her to her new home. She was calm and collected the entire time and has settled into her new digs without complaint. She would not have been so calm without the collar!

Great for multi cat families
Author: Stephanie
I have 3 cats and it really did an excellent job when we introduced the third cat to our home. Highly recommend!

Great Stuff, Good Price
Author: Darnit
Location: Simi Valley
We make an occasional 200 mile trip and the collar works great. This product is a lot less expensive going through VetDepot versus my vet. Easy to order.

Help for Stressed Kitty
Author: Michelle
Location: Las Vegas, NV
I originally bought this collar to help with aggression; my oldest cat is picking on another cat in the household. I put collars on both cats and didn't see much improvement in the aggression, but I think it helped my other cat being picked on. She seemed much less stressed, and appeared to be more calm. I will continue to use the collars on both cats for another month to see if there is more improvement.

No more hair pulling - feline
Author: Dexter's mom
Location: Atlanta, GA
My male cat started suffering from some separation anxiety after I had to return to work and he started pulling his hair out on his tail and hindquarters. He had begun licking one of the spots until it was raw. My vet started him on Prozac, but we had only been using it for 2 weeks. She also recommended a pheromone collar. I did some reviews and chose this one over the Sentry because I didn't like the idea of my cat smelling like lavender. I noticed a difference within 3 days. He seems calmer, more at ease, and even more playful. He's been wearing it a week and a half. There are some small cracks in the collar forming, but he's wearing it continuously. I would recommend trying it.

Product really worked well on my kitty
Author: Reno
Location: Poughkeepsie, NY
This collar was recommended to us by our vet. Our cat was constantly attacking his tail to the point that he would hurt himself and cause the tail to bleed. This was becoming a daily past time for him and the wounds on his tail would not heal. This behavior began shortly after we had to put one of our other cats to sleep. Within five minutes of putting the collar on him, his behavior changed. He stopped obsessing on his tail. After a few weeks, his tail healed. It's advertised that the collar lasts up to 30 days. This is true because right around that time, we notice that he begins to go after his tail again. Once we replace the collar, he immediately stops. We will continue to purchase this collar for our cat as long as it continues to work on him. The only other alternative would be to have his tail surgically removed and we do not want to put him through that trauma if it can be advoided.

Seems to Help
Author: Bill R.
Location: TN
Our cat is chewing its fur and vet says it is psychological. This collar seems to help but jury is still out.

Urinating kitty
Author: Unknown
Location: Michigan
I bought this for my 7 year old male cat who was suffering from separation anxiety

my husband and I went on vacation and he was peeing outside the litter box and on our bathroom area rugs. I thought the litter just needed changing. We left again the following weekend for a few days and upon our return I noticed he did the same thing. A UTI was ruled out so I bought him this collar. He is now ONE MELLOW FELLOW!!! He is also NOT aggressive toward our smaller female cat! Love tho thing! will purchase again!!

Works but requires DIY application to keep on cats.
Author: Unknown
Location: Extreme NW MT
This works on one of our two cats. As often you hear one cat works another doesn't. Anyway these collars come on a plastic material that has powder that releases. Also it has some notches in the plastic. Some cats bite right through the plastic and sometimes the collars break due to scratching by kit or those notches/breaks. They don't stay on the kit alone. We cut the collars in two to 4 equal pieces. If we have wide enough lace/tube material we make two collars if narrower we cut half of one the two equal halves right up the middle making 4. And insert these cut plastics into the tubes and sew on quick release little 1/4 to 1/2 inch buckles. We store the extra collars in an air tight plastic zip lock until the one the cats wearing begins to wear off. With our cats we can always tell as the hissy fits begin again. It's not perfect but it's really worth the effort and now we find we get 2-4 months out of one collar despite the DIY approach and extra effort. Not sure why the manufacturers don't realize these things are too fragile for many smart felines. First kitty lost his first collar and to this day we've yet to find it. And the house has been torn apart numerous times. Maybe someday if we ever move we'll find it. We like this one over the perfumed variety which they need to stop doing. It stinks and no one wants kitty sleeping or lap sitting for a week after the new ones put on him. So this one is our choice between the two and they both do the same job.

WOW - this helps so much!
Author: Tori G.
Location: Harrington DE
I did not believe it would work - but it helps my cat so much more than anything I have tried before. No more freaking out when people come over or scratching up my carpet when she gets upset.

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