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Reviews for Tylan Soluble Powder, 100 gm (1017330)

"Tylan Soluble" .....Thank you...
Author: Jdlost1
Made some calls, and found Dr.B..... Maya sure lucky to find you. Excellent call for the "Tylan"! Maya is doing much better and now she is back in her normal playful ways..Thanks to

you and the awesome staff maya enjoy enjoyed seeing.

BTW! Tyan...from day 1 to day 7... Maya started showing signs of more energy along with the increase of food consumption. day 7 to day 14...Maya is back to her appetite at its norm...

Thank you Also to VetDepot...Thank you for having it available for us in a timely manner.

For Canine with EPI
Author: Linda
Location: Michigan
This product was prescribed for my German Shepherd Dog that has a bacterial overgrowth as a result of EPI. This one bottle should be enough to do the 8 week course. It is supposed to taste super bad but I mix a tsp of coconut oil with each meal and my dog has had no problems.

Very cheap and exactly what it says it is
Author: Adam G
My dog takes this drug for life. So we had to find a cheaper supplier than our local Vet. VetDepot sells the product at a low cost and it is EXACTLY the same thing that my Vet sells and prescribed. I am very happy that VetDepot is around providing the right products at a low cost.

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