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Reviews for Gastralieve Digestive Support Supplement for Dogs, 60 Chewable Tablets (1017910)

Excellent supplement
Author: paulc
Location: Floral Park, NY
I have a 5 year old German Shepherd who can have a sensitive stomach at times. These tablets were recommended last time by my Vet. They work great and really settle the stomach down.

Good stuff!
Author: Cosmo's mom
Cosmo is a chocolate lab with frequent tummy issues. Gastralieve is a life-saver for his frequent diarrhea. Our main issue is that when he gets diarrhea, it seems to irritate his 'insides' and the diarrhea continues for days. With Gastralieve, this doesn't happen and his insides are soothed.... And he's back to his normal happy self quickly! I honestly never want to run out of Gastralieve.

Help for diarrhea
Author: Hank Bower
Location: Sandown, NH
My Lab was getting an upset stomach and refusing to eat when he'd get stressed out, so I tried this for that reason at my sister's urging. While it helped a little for that reason, it made a big difference with his bowel movements. He has had off and on diarrhea for years now with no known cause, and since he's been taking Gastralieve, it is completely gone. The benefit was unexpected and I didn't even know he had a treatable problem.

Wonderful Product
Author: Karla
Location: Austin, Texas
My 2 year old lab has been vomiting regularly since I got her and I finally came across this products and since I started giving it to her twice a day she has not vomited. Wonderful Product!

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