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Reviews for OptixCare Eye Lube for Animals, 25 gm (1017992)

Easy to use - great product!
Author: Pamela
Our Golden Retriever has surgery to remove a large tumor from his ear. The surgery was very involved and a facial nerve was severed (as expected) in order to completely remove the tumor and he can no longer control that eyelid. We use this lubricant 3 times a day to keep his eye lubricated.

Great Eye Lubricant
Author: Nancy
Location: Newark, OH
I love buying this product from Vet Depot, they are providing a good product that my vet prescribes and vet depot charges less than half of what the vet charges. Good customer service and great delivery time.

great for cleaning the eyes for the condition panus
Author: Lorraine
My German Shepherd has panus and after trying tons of products this one cleans the goop out the best. This gel will dissolve the eye goobies in about 5 mins and as he blinks is moves down to the corner of his eye where is seems to be less sticky and it can be removed easily all at once. It is water based and I then use another longer lasting product similar to stye medicine.

Great for my cat!
Author: Richard Partridge
Location: North Carolina
Diego, my 12 year old male cat, has a chronic herpes virus that manifests as dry eye. I used to use an eye wash followed by artificial tears. Then my vet recommended OptixCare Eye Lube instead of the tears. Each treatment lasts much longer and easy to administer. You really only need a tiny amount in each eye.

One word of caution. The nozzle of the tube is fairly narrow and pointed, so take care when bringing it near your pet's eyes, especially if they tend to wiggle around during treatments.

My vet ophthalmologist recommended this
Author: Elliot
Location: Pennsylvania
My 11 yr. old pug had trauma to one eye and glaucoma in other with dry eye in both. Since most eye drops last only 20 minutes, this lube lasts for 2 hours and is the most practical and comfortable for her. I have been using for 4 years and no problems, easy to apply and does the job.

OptixCare Eye Lube for Animals
Author: Daisy
Location: Omaha,NE
My 9 year old pug has had several corneal abrasions since she was young and has developed keratitis and keratconjunctivitis. Her sleeping with her eyes open (and the fact that pugs sleep most of the day) has caused her to have constant dry, red, and sore eyes. I used to buy the OpticCare at her optometrist and it would cost so much money but she had to have it. Because of the price I would use it very sparingly and hinder the protection she needed to maintain her eye sight. I found VetDepot and was amazed at the price. This product is even a little thicker than sold by the vet and it stays on her eyeballs better, it all stays and doesn't run out. My dog can see again and isn't running into things like she used to.

Perfect as backup for artificial tears
Author: Micki
Location: South Fort Myers, Florida
My aging Shih Tzu has chronic eye problems - which I keep under control by dedication to keeping her eyes gob-free, keeping the hair around here eyes trimmed, using artificial tears and (when that fails) using a bit of this. She's doing fine. I figure Vet Depot products are saving me hundreds on vet bills and I have a happy dog. (I am so grateful I found this site; not just for the prices, but for the priceless feedback of other dedicated pet owners.)

Seems to help.
Author: Ava
Location: Hamtramck Michigan
OptixCare Eye Lube seemed to help my pet's eyes.

Super Price
Author: Brian P
Location: Dearborn, MI
OptixCare is a great and really helpful lubricant for my Pugs dry eyes. The price was double at the eye doctor I took Rudy to.

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