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Reviews for Dasuquin MSM Small/Medium Dog, 84 Soft Chews (1030010)

A much needed help...
Author: Camille
My 7 year old Lhasa broke a disc in her back 2 years ago. She had surgery and recovered completely. Three weeks ago she started walking strange and was in pain. The surgeon said it was happening again unless we gave her rest and limited her activities for 6 weeks. He recommended this product. I researched it and found VetDepot was the cheapest price and the clearest instructions. I have been giving her 1 daily for a couple of weeks. She is walking normally and out of pain. Her quick recovery was greatly helped by this product and I will give it to her for he rest of her life.

Chewable Dasuquin MSM - Great
Author: Sam's Mom
Location: Bakersfield, CA
My vet recommended Dasuquin MSM for my 10 yr old jug. He loved it. When I needed to re-order, I tried the tablets because they were a bit less expensive--not worth it. It was a struggle to get Sam to eat them. I've gone back to the chewable and Sam loves it--and I love the quality. I see a noticable improvement in his range of motion during our walks. Yeah for Dasuquin MSM CHEWABLE!!!

Dasuquin MSM
Author: Debra
Location: Houston
Vet recommended Dasuquin MSM for a puppy we adopted who will always have joint issues due to being run over by a car when he was 10 weeks old (prior to us adopting him). We will give this to him forever, along with one of our other dogs who seems to have semi-stiff joints. Our dogs LOVE taking it ... they think they are getting a treat. Our vet is extremely conservative with the pricing of their products, but VetDepot's price was even lower. Received product immediately.

Dasuquin MSM IS What My Pom/Poodle Needed
Author: Susan
Location: Seattle
My little guy's [6 lbs 7ounces] leg was twitching; he was not jumping up on the furniture as he usually did. I inquired around & found out about this product. I tried it & within seven plus days he was jumping around again; his leg still twitches but MUCH less. The product contains some of the same ingredients I take for my joint health. The quality of the soft chews and the active ingredients are worth the price; more importantly are the results your dog receives. My little guy will take Dasuquin MSM now for the rest of his life.

Dasuquin MSM Small/Medium Dog 84 chews
Author: Jan
<p>Great Product! My 3 legged mini Aussie loves his "nugget" every morning! He works extra hard getting around with just three legs and his back hips were bothering him and the vet recommended this product. We can really tell a difference.</p>

Dasuquin MSM Small/Medium Dog Soft Chews
Author: Carol Fiolkoski
Location: Colorado
I have 3 little girls--a chihuahua, a tiny toy poodle, and a yorkie. My chihuahua and poodle are 13 and 8, respectively. They both have arthriitis pain frequently, so this chew does wonders for them. They can play together again. Jumping up to their beds is so much easier. They all seem to be friskier and happier since we started all 3 on the Dasuquin regimen. (The yorkie is young, so she takes the Dasuquin chew without the MSM!) I am so happy that I have found something that they consider a treat, that helps them so much with their pain. It makes a huge difference in their health factors--walking, exercise, etc.

Dasuquin MSM Small/Medium Dog, 84 Soft Chews
Author: Sharon
Location: N GA
I have used these chews for my senior dogs for several years and am very confident these have greatly improved their mobility and comfort level. I've ordered at least 6 bags from this company and I'm pleased with the customer service.

Dasuquin MSM Small/Medium Dog, 84 Soft Chews
Author: Mimi
My vet recommended Dasuquin for our two senior Cairn Terriers as a supplement to help with their aging joints. VetDepot's price is so much better than purchasing it at our vets and our dogs think they are getting a treat.

Dasuquin MSM Small/Medium Dog, 84 Soft Chews
Author: Joy from Virginia Beach
We give this to our 12 year old Sheltie with severe arthritis. This is the only chewable supplement he has ever gladly eaten. We have noticed some degree of improvement since he has been taking Dasuquin MSM. The others we tried - and we've tried them all - didn't seem to help. Also there has been no tummy upset as we experienced with some other products. We will give it to him for the rest of his life.

Dasuquin MSM Small/Medium Dog, 84 Soft Chews
Author: Annalia
Location: Washington, DC
I initially bought these from the vet on his recommendation. They definitely help my 8 year-old's hips. I'm not sure these chews have completely eliminated his pain, but there is a noticeable improvement. Plus he loves them. Every night he comes running to get his chewy. The price is great too. After paying $70 at the vet, I looked online and Vet Depot had the best price.

Dasuquin MSM Small/Medium Soft Chews
Author: Sandy
Location: United States
I have a corgi mix that has problems with her left hip. She hated the Cosequin tablet chews. My vet advised she should try Dasuquin MSM, but stated they only came in tablet chews as well. I found these Dasuquin soft chews and my dog loves them. She thinks they are a treat! She has been on them for 3 months and she has not had an episode. Vetdepot has the best price too and they are delivered right to my door! Very happy with the product and service.

Delicious treats with that extra punch (apparently)
Author: MB
Location: United States
My 40 lb. cockapoo is 15 years old and loves these soft chews. We first purchased them mainly for medicinal purposes and they fulfilled that purpose excellently, keeping her legs strong for a long time. Now, she eagerly waits for that special "treat" each evening. It is her favorite.

Good product
Author: Smith
Location: Phoenix
This is what our doctor recommended for our dog.

Good size for a trial
Author: Kathi
Location: Fairfax, Va
My vet recommended this product for my 13 yr old mix breed dog as he was having difficulty getting up stairs. My dog is picky about snacks so I did not want to buy the large bag that the vet sold. My dog loves these like treats. He has been on them for 2 weeks now and slowly I am seeing some improvement. They are not really soft though and he has some trouble chewing through them.

Great Product!
Author: Victoria
Location: Oregon
Great product! My vet recommended this product and we switched our dog to it. She had been taking a different brand's similar product for the last few years. Before we were half way through a container of the Dasuquin we could already see a visible difference in her mobility, ease of movement and even in her fur. Our dog loves these, she thinks its a treat! Buying them here at VetDepot saves a lot of money - almost half of what the vet charges :)

he runs like the wind
Author: mischief
Location: nj
My shih tsu puppy needed elbow surgery. He limped. While he was happy to play for limited periods of time - he was in pain even after the surgery. My vet recommended Dasaquin with MSM to help strengthen and build his bones. It was also recommended for his older sister as a preventative. They love it. The pup runs and jumps and plays non stop. His older sister keeps up without difficulty or pain. Love it!

Author: Kristen
Location: CT
I started giving this to my 100# dog when his back legs started to go, and he took it for about the last 5 years of his life. I have another 50# dog who wasn't having any trouble walking, but the vet recommended that I give it to her as a preventive measure, so she's been on it for about 5 years too. My big guy lived to 14.5 and was able to walk until his last 2 days. My girl is 15.5 years old and we walk a few miles a day--briskly. I can't say for sure if it's the Dasuquin or not, but I can say that I recommend this to everyone.

On another note, I tried once or twice to get Dasuquin from Amazon and ended up with a bag of chews that looked like it had been stored in alternating hot and cold places--they were stuck together but rock-like in consistency. I've ordered several times from Vet Depot and the quality has always been fantastic.

Only the best for my dog!
Author: Roberta
These soft chews are great and have the bonu of the MSM. My dog thinks she is having a treat.

Quality Supplement
Author: Love my Dogs
Finally, a product that has visible results. They are the ONLY glucosamine that have helped relieve my Shiba Inu's limp. Best of all? They are made in The US and not some toxic Chinese garbage with no regulation or oversight. PLEASE only give your pets products from US. Too many animals have died from poisoning and organ failure due to Chinese products.

Sandy from Arizona
My seven year old corgi mix has had issues with her left hip. My vet had advised me to start her on Dasaquin MSM. She had taken Cosequin, prior to this, but did not like the tablet chews. The vet told me the Dasuquin only came in the chewable tablet form. After researching on my own, I found VetDepot and found the Dasuquin soft chews. She loves them! She thinks they are a treat.She is on her third month and taking a chew every other day.She has not had an episode. I started my other dog on them as a prevention method. VetDepot had, by far, the best price!!!

Soft Chews
Author: Bill
Location: Lewes,DE
My vet recommended this product. My dogs are old and do have joint problems. Ordering this product through VetDepot is a great deal cheaper than through the pharmacy of my vet. My wife gets her joint supplements through the same manufacturer as these soft chews- Nutramax. She says they help her joints.

vet recommended and pets approved.
Author: Whoppet-lober
Location: Florida
This seems to be enjoyable way to help my arthritic dog get the help she needs to make her daily walks happen without pain. My vet suggested this would be a good addition to her daily diet routine to avoid prescription relief for her stiff joints. We have been thru two bags and will continue to choose Dasuquin MSM chews. My younger dog loves them too.

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