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Reviews for Dasuquin Small/Medium Dog, 84 Soft Chews (1030008)

Arthritis help
Author: MamaJo
I've been giving this to my 13 yr old Jack Russell Terrier for about 6 mo. I give her 1/2 dose everyday. It has helped tremendously with her arthritis in her front shoulder! I can tell when I've forgotten to give her her dose after a day because she will begin to limp. No tummy troubles with this and acts like I'm giving her a treat!

dasuquin soft chews
Author: richard
Started using this after Beagles second back operation. Has helped his gait and walk tremendously and he really enjoys taking them. Will end up putting all three of our dogs on as a general wellness treatment.

Dasuquin Chews for Medium Dogs
Author: Bev
Location: Palm Springs, CA
Good product; god price; fast shipping.

Dasuquin is our dog's hero!
Author: Sophie's Mom
Location: Delaware
We have a 5 year old cockapoo. Approximately 2 years ago she starting having alot of pain in her back legs after running and exercising. After thorough examination at the local vet we discovered our little Sophie had hip dysplasia which according to our vet is not very common in smaller dogs. Our vet suggested trying Dasaquin as a maintenance regimen as it has definitely worked like a charm. We have seen vast improvement and she can run and exercise with ease. This has been by far the best we could have ever asked for. She is happy and vibrant and we are thrilled that she has done so well on this product.

We originally purchased this product from our vet's office however when doing price checks on this product we found you offered this at the best price. We will continue to shop here for this product because the price is the best right here!

Thank you for offering this wonderful product. Sophie thanks you too!!

Dasuquin makes a difference
Author: Francine
Location: 01984
My 11 year old springer spaniel has an arthritic hip and since she started taking the dasuquin she has less stiffness. I've tried other glucosamine products and she never liked them so they went to waste. She loves these and gobbles them down.

After a weekend of 2, 4 mile walks, playing ball etc. she is still good to go. I paid a lot more for dasuquin through the vet's office.

Dasuquin Review
Author: Pauline
Location: Florida
<p>I just started useing this product for my dog who has a problem with her knees.My friend told me about Dasuquin she said it helped her dog So i decided to try it. So far it seems to be helping her Thanks.</p>

Dasuquin Small/Medium Dog
Location: Savannah, GA
Soft chews are easier to administer. Maggie loves them. And they work!!!!

Dasuquin Small/Medium Dog, 84 Soft Chews
Author: Lisa
Excellent product! My dog loves these chews and at age, despite having major hip dysplasia, he has no pain and has all the energy and stamina he had as a pup. Vet Depot ships fast and their prices for this product are the best I've found on the web.

Dasuquin Small/Medium Dogs
Author: RWingler
I have been using this product for several years now with my older dogs. It has made a difference in their everyday quality of life.

Easy to give and his limp is improving.
Author: Jeter
Location: Ohio
Been giving my dog human glucosamine capsules when a friend recommended this product. My dog thinks he's getting cookies so it's easy to give. No more messy peanut butter to deal with to get it in him. He's been on it about a week and I'm already seeing some improvement in his walking.

Great Product!
Author: Odie's Mom
Location: Kimberly, WI
Three years ago our 9 yr old Bichon-Poo tore his ACL and had to have surgery to correct it, only to end up tearing his other ACL 6 months later.

After surgery we had to put him on Dasuquin as a daily requirement. Now at 12, our dog still runs around playing with our other dog. The Dasuquin must be doing its' job. We have considered other products, but always stay with this product since our dog eats it like a TREAT. No fighting to get him to take a tablet---worth every extra cent you may have to spend!

Author: Melinda
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Our dog was able to go off pain meds after using this product.

Keeping the Joints Healthy
Author: Rizzo
I have an 8 year old Pug who is very active, but is starting to slow down just a bit and an 18 month old Bully. I have experience with Dasuquin with other aging dogs. I have had it and it has been helpful. I got it from my vet for 80 dollars, so this is quite a bargain!!! Love VetDepot!

Miracle Drug
Author: Fran
Location: Delray Beach Florida
This is a miracle drug!!! Within 10 days my 14 1/2 year old mini poodle was a different dog. My neighbors have noticed also . He's walking running and jumping again. Buddy loves the taste too!! THANK YOU!!!!

Small Old Bichon
Author: Sylvia
Location: Johnstown, PA.
Our Bichon is 16 years old and has been having difficulty moving. We had started giving him Dasuquin soft chews hoping to improve his movement. Has it improved his movement you ask, yes it has. In fact he jumped off a bed when all the kids were home for Easter and he hasn't done that for years. I purchased this product because of the price, much cheaper than at the vet's office and the quality. I am aware of the quality because I have used it before but paid a higher price. Will I buy it again? Yes I will.

This product was highly recommended by their vet.
Author: Debra B
<p>I have two small dogs taking this product. Since they started taking it both seem to be having less problems with their knees. This product was highly recommended by their vet.</p>

works very good
Author: ron ct.
Location: 06053
I gave this to my dog at two a day for four weeks now she is on one a day it is working very good she is running in the back yard and walking a mile a day.

Before she had a very bad time just walking. Thank you

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