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Reviews for Denamarin for Dogs, 30 Chewable Tablets (1030006)

A joy to give!
Author: Maroon
Location: Mobile, AL
For several months I had been giving my dog Denamarin in pill form and had to conceal it in Flavor-Do in order for him to take the pill. I ordered the chewable tablets and found that he loves them. I no longer have to hide the pill and he looks forward to his new "treat". I will order the chewable Denamarin from now on.

Author: Very pleased!
Location: New york
<p>I used Denamarin when my older dog started with elevated liver values. He was 14 at the time,and his liver values stabilized for his remaining three years. When we lost him at 17 it was due to old age and not because of liver issues. My 12 1/2 yr old showed very minimal elevation at her last blood test. Even though the values were slightly elevated we didn't wait and started her on Denamarin. 3 months later and her values are back to normal!</p>

Denamarin Chewable Tablets for Dogs
Author: Martha
Location: Wadsworth, Ohio
My Cairn Terrier was diagnosed with degenerative liver function. The veterinarian suggested Denamarin for my Emma. She loves the taste and is steadily improving. VetDepot not only has this product, but makes it available at a substantially lower price. I'm also very pleased with VetDepot's prompt delivery. Thank you VetDepot for helping me take great care of my "best friend!"

Denamarin for Dogs, 30 Chewable Tablets
Author: Cajun-shop
Location: Louisiana
Great product for pets with liver problems. I give it to all my dogs everyday. Vet Depot has the best price for the pack of three

Denamarin for Dogs, 30 Chewable Tablets
Author: RoseAnne
Location: San Rafael, CA
Great product. Easier to give than the pill form. The only problem is it's always on back order!

Denamarin for Dogs, 30 Chewable Tablets
Author: Katheryn C.
Location: cordova, tn
My dog loves it!

excellent product!
Author: Caroline
Location: upstate New York
My eight year old Scottish Terrier was diagnosed with degenerative liver disease. He was prescribed denamarin and ursodiol to manage the condition. The combination seems to work really well. I am pleased that this non drug supplement (denamarin) is so effective in keeping Clancy going.

Great Price!
Author: Mary Jo
The chewable form of this product works well for our dog. It seems to be getting more and more difficult to find, however. I'm wondering if it's being discontinued. I hope not!

Great Product at great price
Author: Elayne G.
Location: NY
Good price and reliable product.

My dog loves Denamarin!
Author: Steve1967
Location: Saugatuck Michigan
My dog goes crazy for the taste of these. I stumbled across them accidentally when I was looking for something else on the VetDepot website and I am so glad I did.

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