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Reviews for Xenodine Iodine Antiseptic Solution, 8 oz Squeeze Bottle (1016698)

animal behaviorist/vet tech
Author: karen schuller
Location: so. lake tahoe, ca.
Xenodine is less caustic than Betadine..I use it on the dogs/horses and the results in 3-4 days is amazing! Never put alcohol on wounds nor peroxide in deep tissue or puncture wounds. I've used this product at the vet's for over a decade and it's my "go to" antiseptic!

Xenodine Iodine Antiseptic Solution, 8 oz Squeeze Bottle
Author: Karenina S.
I purchased this product because I heard from the vet I worked for for over 10 yrs. said they were going to discontinue. Xenodine is exceptional for wound mgt. as it's less caustic than even reg. Betadine to tissue. I use it on my dogs/ horses for quick healing response!

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