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Reviews for Virbantel Chewable Tablets for Medium/Large Dogs, One Tablet (1016948)

Gets rid of icky tapeworms.
Author: Samuel Rivera
Location: Decatur, GA
Virbantel Chewables get rid of tapeworms that can make your animal really sick. While the idea of this medication grosses me out, I am very thankful it exists and I am glad I can order it online from

Works Well!
Author: Brenda
Location: Eugene Oregon
After managing a veterinary clinic for several years I learned about Virbantel, and it was the pill that worked the best! I recently ordered it for my dogs and it takes effect within 24 hours. Virbantel is great because it treats not only tapeworms (most common worm from fleas) ... but also round and hookworms. I highly recommend this product.

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