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Reviews for Vetri-Probiotic Everyday for Dogs, 60 Soft Chews (1016737)

For Older Fur Child
Author: K.K.
Cinni is 14 and a half; he has health issues ranging from Cushing's disease to liver issues, and now his heart is acting up. Anyway, I started using the probiotic as an attempt to assist in his digestion due to all the other issues, and this stuff really works. He showed comfort level improvements nearly the same day, so I have been giving him the daily probiotics for over 6 months.

Has made a difference
Author: Terri
Location: Virginia
Max -age 10- recently had digestion issues that occurred several times a week. Diet and stress had not been changed. Tried Vetri- Probiotic soft chews and he has not had any digestive problems since he started taking it. He gets 2 after dinner and seems to really like it.

Seems to work well
Author: Nola
Location: United States
No complaints. Hard to tell if it is really working, but I give 1 a day to my 3 Airedales and they seem to work well. My oldest dog takes Metacam which is a NASAID for dogs and can upset his tummy. This seems to help his stools, etc. Price is less expensive than some probiotics and many capsules or granules my dogs don't like.

Vetri-Probiotic Everyday for Dogs, 60 Soft Chews
Author: Jeff
Location: United States
Very pleased after giving my 2 dogs the proper number of bites each day. Both had minor stool issues that have improved. Not a cure - but definitely helps. From looking around and researching, this product appears to be of high quality and a contains a variety of probiotics - not just 1 or 2. Very good price here as well.

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